MLB Perfect Inning 24 hits a home running with its latest update

Ask someone to name America’s biggest sports and they will probably name Basketball or Football. However, there is a third, the often-named America’s Favourite Pastime, Baseball. It might be slower to watch but still fun to play, and the officially licenses MLB Perfect Inning 24 has just come out with a major new season.

Lending their image to this update is acclaimed Shortstop for the Texas Rangers’ – formally the Los Angeles Dodgers – Corey Seager. After storming his debut season and picking up Rookie of the Year, he has gone on to notch up four All-Star appearances, and two World Series MVP awards. To celebrate his ambassadorship, his card will provide players with improved stats.

With the introduction of the Special Edition Prime Legend Card types, players will be able to kit out their team to a devastating degree. Including legends such as Yogi Berra, Randy Johnson, Cy Young and Babe Ruth, these cards can receive new skill slots and stat boosts, making them the strongest characters available, so you can put together one broken team.

The data in-game will now be more up-to-date thanks to Real-Time updates, which is rather unfortunate for poster boy Seager who is currently injured. The 2024 will feature the correct team uniforms, stadiums, game schedules, scenes, and audiences, the latter of which is weird. How do you have an “accurate” audience? Either way, you can get a jump on the new season with a Daily Login Event, Guide Missions, and more.

Finally, with all these giveaways, currency stats, and new characters, it is the perfect time to dive into a new hitting competition. Battle Sluger will need Tickets to enter and will feature Single or PvP modes. Single Battle points will be calculated over a week related to hitting distance and missions completed, whereas PvP Battles will have an HP gauge, with points draining the opponent’s health.

MLB Perfect Inning 24 is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.