How To Reach Dragonsbreath Tower in DD2 (Roost Of The Dragon Achievement Guide)

Boasting a map four times larger than its predecessor, Dragon’s Dogma 2 is absolutely packed with content for fans of action RPGs to sink their teeth into. As the Arisen ventures across the kingdoms of Vermuth and Battahl to fulfill their destiny, they will come across a vast array of significant landmarks.

One of the more notable landmarks in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is Dragonsbreath Tower, which is not only home to a particularly nasty dragon in its own right, but also contains a number of valuable items and resources of great benefit to players. For those seeking out this location, find out here how to reach Dragonsbreath Tower and earn the Roost of the Dragonachievement.


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How To Find Dragonsbreath Tower in Dragon’s Dogma 2

In order for players to get access to Dragonsbreath Tower, they must first progress through the kingdom of Vermund and make it past the border gate into Battahl, as their destination is to the southwest of the capital city of Bakbattahl. The trail is covered with particularly difficult enemies ranging from wolves and Harpies to Saurians and goblins, so players will want to ensure they enhance their gear and armor before embarking on the journey.

To get to Dragonsbreath Tower, players will need to follow the main path to the west of Bakbattahl and continue as it ventures south. As you head south, you will need to take a right turn as you encounter a fork in the road, which will be evident by the bridge that leads into a forest. Just before the fork in the road, you will encounter some of the cables that hold the rope system you can take from Bakbattahl.

Once you turn right in the fork in the road, you will need to follow the path as it gradually climbs towards Dragonsbreath Tower. You will encounter a slew of enemies, so you may want to max out your Pawn party to ensure you have enough support. Once you pass the next wooden bridge and overcome the goblins and Harpies there, continue along the path until you reach another fork in the road in the forest. At this time, take a right and continue along the path. From there, its a matter of following the main path.

This is the same path you will take to
find Medusa
. She is found in a cave on the right side, hidden behind fallen tree trunks.

Dragonsbreath Tower has a campsite just before it, so players can take respite and heal any wounds they have. Once you reach the top of the stairs, you will be awarded the “Roost of the Dragon” trophy, and will see the fire-breathing drake that rules over the ruins.

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March 22, 2024

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