DBD April 2024 roadmap shares Tome 19 release date

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Dead By Daylight has had a magnificent year so far. Fans have recently been blessed with a new chapter, and soon we are set to get a brand new Tome. BeHaviour Interactive has shared the full DBD April 2024 roadmap, and this reveals the Tome 19 release date along with other special occasions happening this month.

We are currently in the middle of Chapter 31. This has introduced a new DBD Survivor, Sable Ward, and it has also introduced arguably Dead By Daylight’s creepiest-looking original killer, The Unknown. Back in January, we were also treated to a collaboration with Remedy Entertainment thanks to Alan Wake joining the fog as a celebrity survivor.

Again, it’s been a great year so far for Dead By Daylight fans. More chapters will come out this year, and leaks seem to be pointing to the arrival of Dracula. However, while this is merely just unofficial leaks, BeHaviour Interactive has shared the official release date for the upcoming Tome 19.

Dead By Daylight April 2024 roadmap

Below is the full DBD April 2024 roadmap shared on the official DeadByDaylight Twitter account:

Week 1:

  • My Little Oni event – Apr 1st – 3rd
  • PTB – Apr 3rd
  • Techwear Collection – Apr 3rd

Week 2:

  • Gothic Tales Collection – Apr 9th

Week 3:

  • Days Gone By Collection – Apr 16th

Week 4:

  • Dead By Daylight Splendor Tome 19 – Apr 23rd
  • Chrysalis Collection – Apr 23rd
  • Forgotten Myth Collection – Apr 23rd

In addition to the above outline for this month, you can also check out the Dead By Daylight 2024 roadmap that shares plans for updates up until June.

Not much has been revealed about DBD Tome 19 other than the launch day of April 23rd. However, according to prominent leaker, Dvveet, it ‘seems to have a skin for the Knight’ and it should focus on The Unknown and Sable Ward.

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