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Looking for Antimatter Dimensions achievements? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a list of every achievement in the game, as well as the Antimatter Dimensions secret achievements. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can refer back to our guide when trying to reach all achievements in the game!

Antimatter Dimensions is an idle incremental game that has a ton of unlockable features and achievements. The aim of the game is to reach infinity as soon as possible, as this allows you to progress through the other content. Once you reach infinity, what else is out there? Purchase upgrades, and create a plethora of galaxies!

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Antimatter Dimensions Achievements

Now, let’s move on to the achievements.

Antimatter Dimensions

  • You gotta start somewhere – Buy your 1st Antimatter Dimension (No reward)
  • 100 Antimatter is a lot – Buy a 2nd Antimatter Dimension (No reward)
  • Half life 3 CONFIRMED – Buy a 3rd Antimatter Dimension (No reward)
  • L4D: Left 4 Dimensions – Buy a 4th Antimatter Dimension (No reward)
  • 5 Dimension Antimatter Punch – Buy a 5th Antimatter Dimension (No reward)
  • We couldn’t afford 9 – Buy a 6th Antimatter Dimension (No reward)
  • Not a luck related achievement – Buy a 7th Antimatter Dimension (No reward)
  • 90 degrees to infinity – Buy an 8th Antimatter Dimension (No reward)
  • The 9th Dimension is a lie – Have 99 8th Antimatter Dimensions (Reward: 8th Antimatter Dimensions are 10% stronger)
  • There’s no point in doing that – Buy a single 1st Dimension when you have over 1e150 of them (Reward: 1st Antimatter Dimensions are 10% stronger)
  • I forgot to nerf that – Get any Antimatter Dimension multiplier over 1e31 (Reward: 1st Antimatter Dimensions are 5% stronger)
  • How the antitables have turned… – Get the 8th Antimatter Dimension multiplier to b the highest, 7th be second highest, etc (Reward: Each Antimatter Dimension gains a boost that is proportional to the tier)
  • Multidimensional – Reach 1e12 of all dimensions except 8th (No reward)
  • Many Deaths – Complete the 2nd Antimatter Dimension Autobuyer challenge in 3 minutes or less (Reward: All Antimatter Dimensions are stronger during the first 3 minutes of Infinities)
  • Can’t hold all these infinities – Get all Antimatter Dimension multipliers over 1e308 (Reward: All Antimatter Dimensions are 10% stronger)


  • To Infinity! – Go infinite (Reward: Start with 100 antimatter)
  • That’s a lot of infinities – Reach Infinity 10 times (No reward)
  • That’s FAST! – Go infinite in under 2 hours (Reward: Start with 5,000 antimatter)
  • No DLC required – Buy 16 Infinity Upgrades (Reward: Unlock 2 new Infinity Upgrades – x2 IP multiplier, and offline IP generation)
  • Limit break – Break infinity (No reward)
  • That’s FASTER! – Infinity in 10 minutes or less (Reward: Start with 5e5 antimatter)
  • Forever isn’t that long – Infinity in 1 minute or less (Reward: Start with 5e10 antimatter)
  • Oh, hey… You’re still here? – Reach 1e8 Infinity Points per minute (No reward)
  • A new beginning. – Begin generation of Infinity Power (No reward)
  • Zero Deaths – Reach Infinity without Dimension Boosts, or Antimatter Galaxies while in a normal challenge (Reward: Antimatter Dimensions 1-4 are 25% stronger)
  • ERROR 909: Dimension not found – Get to Infinity with up to 10 First Dimensions without any other Dimensions, Dimension Boosts, or Antimatter Galaxies, while in the second Dimension Autobuyer challenge (Reward: First Antimatter Dimensions are 3 times stronger)
  • NEW DIMENSIONS??? – Unlock the fourth Antimatter Dimension (Reward: The achievement bonus affects the Infinity Dimensions)
  • 1 million is a lot – Reach 1e6 Infinity Power (No reward)
  • Blink of an eye – Reach infinity in under 250 milliseconds (Reward: Start with 5e25 antimatter)


  • Fake News – View 50 different news messages (No reward)


  • Antimatter Apocalypse – Get over 1e80 antimatter (No reward)
  • You didn’t need it anyway – Reach infinite antimatter without having any 8th Dimensions (Reward: Dimensions 1 to 7 are 2% stronger)
  • Super Sanic – Have antimatter/sec exceed your current antimatter above 1e63 (No reward)
  • Over in 30 seconds – Have antimatter/sec exceed your current antimatter for 30 seconds (No reward)
  • THIS ACHIEVEMENT DOESN’T EXIST – Get more than, or equal to 9.9999e9999 antimatter (Reward: Antimatter Dimensions are stronger depending on how much unspent Antimatter you have)

Dimension Boosts

  • Boosting to the max – Buy 10 Dimension Boosts (No reward)


  • You got past The Big Wall – Buy an Antimatter Galaxy (No reward)
  • Double Galaxy – Buy 2 Antimatter Galaxies (No reward)
  • Claustrophobic – Go infinite with only 1 Antimatter Galaxy (Reward: Multiple starting Tickspeed by x1.02)
  • I don’t believe in Gods – Buy an Antimatter  Galaxy without sacrificing (No reward)
  • YOU CAN GET 50 GALAXIES?!?! – Get 50 Antimatter Galaxies (Reward: Tickspeed is a little over 5% faster per Antimatter Galaxy)

Dimensional Sacrifice

  • The Gods are pleased – Get over x600 from Dimensional Sacrifice outside of the 8th Dimension Autobuyer challenge (Reward: Dimensional Sacrifice is stronger)

Offline Time

  • Don’t you dare sleep – Be offline for over 6 hours in a row (No reward)


  • Faster than a potato – Get more than 1e29 ticks per second (Reward: Multiply starting tickspeed by x1.02)
  • Faster than a squared potato – Get more than qe58 ticks per second (No reward)


  • Daredevil – Complete 3 challenges (No reward)
  • Antichallenged – Complete all Normal Challenges (Reward: All Antimatter Dimensions are 10% stronger)
  • Not-so-challenging – Get the sum of normal challenge times under 3 minutes (Reward: All Antimatter Dimensions are stronger in the first 3 minutes of an Infinity, but this only applies in challenges)
  • Infinitely Challenging – Complete an Infinity Challenge (No reward)
  • Not a second lost – Get the sum of Normal Challenge times under 5 seconds (Reward: All Antimatter Dimensions are 40% stronger, this only applies in challenges)
  • Game Design Is My Passion – Beat Infinity Challenge 5 in 15 seconds or less (No reward)
  • Anti-antichallenged – Complete 8 Infinity Challenges (No reward)


  • Age of Automation – Max Dimension and Tickspeed autobuyer intervals (No reward)
  • Definitely not worth it – Max all autobuyer intervals (No reward)
  • This is fine. – Complete the Tickspeed Autobuyer challenge in 3 minutes or less (Reward: Boost per buying 10 Antimatter Dimensions +1%)
  • Gift from the Gods – Complete the 8th Antimatter Dimension Autobuyer challenge in 3 minutes or less (Reward: Dimensional Sacrifice is stronger)
  • Bulked Up – Get all Dimension autobuyer bulk buyers to 512 (Reward: Dimension autobuyer bulk is unlimited)
  • You did this again just for the achievement right? – Complete the third Antimatter Dimension Autobuyer challenge in 10 seconds or less (Reward: First Antimatter Dimensions are 50% stronger)


  • One for each dimension  – Play for 8 days (Reward: Small multiplier to Antimatter Dimensions based on the amount of time that you’ve played)




Black Hole


Secret Achievements

Let’s take a look at the super secret achievements…

  • The first one’s always free – Click on this achievement
  • (PC ONLY) Just in case. – Save 100 times manually without refreshing
  • (MOBILE ONLY) The second one isn’t so free – Click on this achievements 100 times
  • It pays to have respect. – Pay respects
  • So do I. – Say something naughty
  • Do a barrel roll! – Do a barrel roll
  • Do you enjoy pain? – Use a “painful” notation for 10 real-time minutes
  • 30 Lives. – Input the Konami Code
  • Shaken, not stirred – Shake the phone
  • Do you feel lucky? Well do ya punk? – You have a 1/100,00 chance of getting this achievement per second
  • Go study in real life instead. – Purchase the secret time study
  • Deep Fried – Buy 100,000 Antimatter Galaxies while using emoji notation
  • (PC ONLY) Stop right there criminal scum! – Open the console
  • (MOBILE ONLY) Professional landscaper. – Play in landscape mode for 10 minutes
  • Real news. – Click on the news ticker
  • Shhh… It’s a secret. – Find a secret theme
  • You’re a failure. – Fail eternity challenges 10 times without refreshing
  • It’s not called matter dimensions is it? – Get Infinite matter
  • Nice. – Enter 69 into any of the autobuy text boxes
  • You should download some more RAM. – Set your update rate to 200ms
  • Less than or equal to 0.001. – Get an Infinity or Eternity time of less than, or equal to, 0.001 seconds
  • A sound financial decision. – Click on the “Buy More” button
  • You do know how these work, right? – Respect with an empty Study Tree
  • Should we tell them about buy max… – Buy single tickspeed 100,000 times
  • While you were away… Nothing happened. – Nothing happens while you’re away
  • You followed the instructions. – Follow instructions
  • Knife’s edge – Close the Hard Reset modal after typing in the confirmation
  • Theoretical degree in physics. – Open and read all pages in the game’s How to Play tab
  • That dimension doesn’t exist – Attempt to purcahse the 9th Dimension
  • SHAME ON ME – Attempt to use EC12 to speed up the time
  • A cacophonus chorus – All of your equipped Glyphs are Music Glyphs
  • Are you statisfied now? – Look at the statistics tab for 15 minutes
  • This dragging is dragging on – Drag Perks around for one minute
  • For a rainy day – Store a day of real time
  • ALT+ – Hide every tab
  • Stack overflow – Have more Automator errors than lines

Antimatter Dimensions Guide FAQ

Got some questions about our Antimatter Dimensions guide? Or maybe about the game itself? We’ll answer them below.

Is There An Antimatter Dimensions Discord Server?

Yes! Join the game’s official Discord server to speak with fellow players who are also enjoying the game.

What Is Antimatter Dimensions?

Antimatter Dimensions is a multi-layered idle game that can get pretty complicated at times! Create dimensions, galaxies, and reach everlasting infinity. Purchase upgrades, and work towards Eternity, as you progress through this list of achievements!