Modern Warfare Season 3 Roadmap – all events, modes, and weapons for newest CoD season

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The Modern Warfare Season 3 roadmap is your guide to everything Activision has planned for the upcoming season. There’s plenty on tap, and the provided map gives you an idea of what that is and when you can expect it. It’s one of the most important aspects for any new game or a season of a game, and that’s no different for Call of Duty. Here’s what to expect in the Season 3 update for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.

Modern Warfare 3 Season 3 roadmap

MW3 Season 3 new maps

The first thing the roadmap details for MW3 is the new maps coming. There will be six new maps, although only four of them will be available at the release date of the update. Here’s what’s on the way:

  • 6 Star (available at Launch)
  • Emergency (available at Launch)
  • Growhouse (available at Launch)
  • Tanked (available at Launch)
  • Checkpoint (available mid-season)
  • Grime (available mid-season)

There will probably be a Season 3 Reloaded update, and that’s when the last two maps become available.

MW3 Season 3 new modes

In the same sense, game modes will also be available for Season 3. There are two available at or around the launch time, and three more that will come later on:

  • Capture the Flag (available at Launch)
  • One in the Chamber (available within launch window)
  • Minefield (available mid-season)
  • Escort (available mid-season)
  • Vortex Playlist (available In-season)
The Season 3 roadmap is ready. Image via Activision

MW3 Season 3 roadmap weapons

The roadmap also details four new guns coming to Season 3. These are the FJX Horus submachine gun (available on launch in Battle Pass Sector 8), the MORS sniper rifle (available on launch in Battle Pass Sector 4), the Gladiator melee weapon (available on launch in Battle Pass Sector 15), and the BAL-27 assault rifle (available mid-season).

Activision is also giving eight new aftermarket parts to unlock:

  • JAK Cutthroat (weekly challenge)
  • JAK Revenger Kit (weekly challenge)
  • JAK Jawbreaker (weekly challenge)
  • JAK Shadow Titan Kit (weekly challenge)
  • JAK Patriot (weekly challenge)
  • Wardens (weekly challenge)
  • JAK Atlas Kit (weekly challenge)
  • Photonic Charge Barrel (unknown)

MW3 Season 3 New Perks, Equipment, Upgrades

You can also get some new perks, equipment and upgrades. These are part of the roadmap, with some coming later on. The following perks are available at launch:

  • Gunslinger Vest
  • Modular Assault Rig
  • Compression Carrier
  • Reinforced Boots

These perks will come in later in the season:

  • High-Gain Antenna
  • EMD Mine Tactical Equipment
  • Enhanced Vision Goggles

The Season 3 roadmap also confirms an additional 200 levels and four new Prestige ranks (10,11,12 and 13) for players to unlock as they play.

Modern Warfare Season 3 roadmap: Player shoots at Destroyed Apartments
The roadmap shows off new weapons and more. Captured by VideoGamer

Modern Warfare 3 Season 3 Ranked Play

Ranked Play is returning for Season 3, and it will be available at launch. You can immediately begin ranking up if you want to. It also comes with challenge rewards, most of which are cosmetic:

  • Win 5 Ranked Matches: “MWIII Season 3 Competitor” Sticker
  • Win 10 Ranked Matches: “Pro Issue Rival-9” Weapon Blueprint
  • Win 25 Ranked Matches: “Absolute Banger” Charm
  • Win 50 Ranked Matches: “Hold This L” Large Decal
  • Win 75 Ranked Matches: “MWIII Ranked Play Season 3” Loading Screen
  • Win 100 Ranked Matches: MWIII Season 3 Ranked Veteran” Weapon Camo

As you rank up, there are also new rewards for your skill division. Here’s what you can get:

  • Bronze: “MWIII Season 3 Bronze” Emblem
  • Silver: “MWIII Season 3 Silver” Emblem
  • Gold: “MWIII Season 3 Gold” Animated Emblem
  • Gold: “MWIII Season 3 Gold” Large Decal
  • Platinum: “MWIII Season 3 Platinum” Animated Emblem
  • Platinum: “MWIII Season 3 Platinum” Large Decal
  • Diamond: “MWIII Season 3 Diamond” Animated Emblem
  • Diamond: “MWIII Season 3 Diamond” Large Decal
  • Crimson: “MWIII Season 3 Crimson” Animated Emblem
  • Crimson: “MWIII Season 3 Crimson” Large Decal
  • Iridescent: “MWIII Season 3 Iridescent” Animated Emblem
  • Iridescent: “MWIII Season 3 Iridescent” Calling Card
  • Iridescent: “MWIII Season 3 Iridescent” Large Decal
  • Top 250: “MWIII Season 3 Top 250” Animated Calling Card
  • Top 250: “MWIII Season 3 Top 250” Animated Emblem
  • Top 250: “MWIII Season 3 Top 250” Large Decal

Modern Warfare 3 Season 3 Roadmap Events

Modern Warfare 3 often has events planned out for players, and Season 3 is going to introduce a few more. From launch to April 10, there will be an event for a recent move, Godzilla x Kong: Battle for Hollow Earth. During the launch window, both the Blaze Up and High Trip events will take place. Vortex: Vi.Rus Mainframe will be a mid-season event.

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