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My How To Get Vizard In Type SOUL guide is your complete walkthrough on becoming a Vizard, including what Vizards are. The journey to becoming a Vizard isn’t simple, but thanks to this guide it’s a little easier than winging it. So, let’s get into the guide!

Vizards were unobtainable after the BETA testing of the game, however, have made their way back into the ranks. Those who chose Shinigami as their starting race have access to the Vizard route.

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How To Get Vizard In Type SOUL

As mentioned, you need to be a Shinigami to become a Vizard. Before that, you’ll need to become a Lost Soul and seek out the Kisuke NPC to be transformed into a Soul Reaper / Shinigami. Next, you’ll want to farm Hogyoku Fragments which have a low drop rate of 0.5% from Faction Raids. Gather around 10 of these to secure your ascension into Vizard-hood!

Once you’ve consumed 10 Fragments, you’ll have popups on the screens of whispers and your avatar meditating. This is your indication that you can move on to the next step. Next head to Waco Muno and fight the Boss NPC who drops a mask upon defeat. The mask when applied will offer one buff and one debuff.

Step three gets a little muddy since there are 3 possible quests which can be assigned to you. Here is a breakdown of each possible quest:

  • Defeat a Vizard version of your Shikai at your Shikai World. (Meditate to transport to the world)
  • Win 10 Raids
    • Be sure to equip the mask for this quest or the progress will not count
  • Defeat 200 Soul Reapers

Vizard Breakdown

Or, here is the simplified method:

  • Become a Lost Soul.
  • Talk to the Kisyke NPC and be transformed into Soul Reaper / Shinigami.
  • Obtain 10 Hogyoku Fragments.
  • Ingesting the fragments to cause a transformation.
  • Defeat the boss in Waco Muno.
  • Complete the hidden quest assigned to you to become a Vizard.

Top Tips

Grinding for 10 Fragments will be near impossible, kind of. You should trade for them instead. If you choose to grind raids for fragments it could take up to 2k raid wins to get the 10 you need!