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We have the answer for Class of mollusk 7 Little Words if it has been stumping you! Solving crossword puzzles can be a fun and engaging way to exercise your mind and vocabulary skills. Remember that solving puzzles takes practice, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t finish a puzzle right away. Keep practicing and you’ll get better with time–but we’re always here with answers if you need a helping hand!

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If you’re still looking for some help to solve the clue without going to the answer, try to find patterns when solving 7 Little Words puzzles. First, look for common letter combinations in the clues, such as “th,” “ing,” “tion,” and “ly.” These letter combinations can help you narrow down the options and identify potential solutions.

Another technique is to pay attention to the length of the word. Each puzzle has a specific number of letters in the solution, so if you see a clue with a certain number of letters, you can use that information to eliminate options that don’t fit. Still at a loss? We have the Class of mollusk 7 Little Words answer for you so you can move onto the next clue in the puzzle!

Class of mollusk 7 Little Words Answer is…


This clue last appeared in the 7 Little Words on June 17, 2023. You can also find answers to past 7 Little Words.

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Clue & Answer Definitions

  • MOLLUSK (noun)
    1. invertebrate having a soft unsegmented body usually enclosed in a shell
  • CEPHALOPOD (adjective)
    1. relating or belonging to the class Cephalopoda
  • CEPHALOPOD (noun)
    1. marine mollusk characterized by well-developed head and eyes and sucker-bearing tentacles

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