Starfield Player Transforms Their Ship Into a Giant Popsicle


  • Starfield players are creating innovative spaceship designs, like a rocket popsicle ship, using the game’s ship-building feature.
  • The rocket popsicle ship uses the classic blue-white-red color scheme, massively resembling the classic icy snack.
  • Ship-building in Starfield has been a highlight of the game so far, even for players who were initially disappointed in the game.

A clever Starfield player has used the game’s ship-building feature to create a classic rocket popsicle ship. The ships in Starfield come in many shapes and sizes, and this one may evoke memories of childhood for many gamers.

Since Starfield first launched, the game’s ship-building feature has proven to be a huge highlight among players. While there’s plenty about the game that many feel didn’t live up to its potential, this certainly isn’t the case with the ship-building, which has been used in many interesting ways over the last few months. Just recently, one player even built Anakin’s starfighter from Star Wars in Starfield, bringing two franchises together in one build. As players become even more familiar with the powerful tools, gamers should expect to see plenty more of these cool builds in the future.


Starfield Player is Attempting to Recolonize Earth

A Starfield player uses the outposts system to begin recolonizing the remains of Earth in the game, attempting to restore it to its former glory.

Redditor Revan1126 shared the impressive creation, which uses Starfield’s ship-builder to create a rocket popsicle, complete with a wooden stick from the rear. The popsicle itself uses the blue-white-red color scheme, massively resembling the snack. Of all the impressive Starfield ship builds, this may not be the most complex, but it’s definitely a unique concept executed perfectly. With a character also included for scale, the Starfield popsicle ship is much bigger than it appears on the surface.

Starfield Popsicle Ship Build

Revan1126 has titled the ship build “Da Bomb,” with one player in the thread even claiming that “My mouth is watering” upon seeing it. Another user pointed out how embarrassing it would be for enemy ships in Starfield, to be defeated by the rocket popsicle spaceship as it goes about its adventures. It’s extremely impressive that the player has got this working at all without making any visual compromises at all.

Bethesda is in for a crucial 2024 when it comes to Starfield. Many long-time fans of the studio were disappointed with what the game had to offer, and it’ll take a lot for players to come back to the game. Starfield‘s Shattered Space DLC will be an important opportunity for Bethesda to win back any fans it lost at the launch, and if it doesn’t deliver on the game’s pre-release promise, it may be an even further uphill battle for the studio in the future. With The Elder Scrolls 6 likely coming at some point in the next few years, Bethesda will want fans to feel excited about the potential of the game, rather than cautious based on feelings on Starfield.

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Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, Starfield is a sci-fi action role-playing game where players interact with multiple factions, engage in combat, customize their main character and ship, as well as explore a universe that features over 100 systems and 1,000 planets.

September 6, 2023