South Park: Snow Day! – How to Play Co-Op

South Park: Snow Day! is an entertaining adventure title offering a story-based campaign for players to enjoy. However, unlike previous titles in the franchise, South Park: Snow Day! presents the opportunity for players to team up with their friends or other players to take the game on in a co-op multiplayer approach.

The multiplayer aspect of South Park: Snow Day! just so happens to be one of the biggest appeals regarding the game, creating a lot of fun through chaotic combat and teamwork among your allies. For this reason, knowing how to set up and join multiplayer sessions can come in handy.


South Park Snow Day: How to Change Your Outfit and Unlock New Cosmetics

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How to Play Multiplayer in South Park: Snow Day!

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To play multiplayer in South Park: Snow Day!, you will first need to head to the base camp of Kupa Keep, which acts as a hub for you to prepare your character builds, upgrade weapons, and spend Dark Matter on new Perks before beginning a Chapter of the game. Once you have arrived at Kupa Keep, you will need to head over to the War Table and interact with it.

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This will now open the Chapter select menu. From here, you will need to push the matchmaking button, located in the bottom right corner of this menu screen.

The matchmaking menu will now have three options – Host Game, Join Game, or Friends List. Host Game enables you to set up a lobby, select a game mode and the specific Chapter you would like to run, choose between public or friends only, and then wait for others to join you and squad up.

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The Join Game option will enable you to search for a game hosted by your friends or other players, with criteria such as spoilers on or off, specific chapter select, and difficulty. Lastly, Friends List will open your Steam (if PC) or console friends list, allowing you to invite your friends directly without the need to have them search for your lobby through the join function.

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South Park: Snow Day! – How Long to Beat & Chapter List

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Does South Park: Snow Day Support Crossplay?

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Unfortunately, South Park: Snow Day!does not support crossplay at launch, and there is no current indication that the game will be updated to support this shortly. Sadly, the same goes for local co-op, meaning that if you want to play alongside friends, you will be forced to do so through the online multiplayer function and ensure all players are playing the game on the same platform. Because of this, all players who wish to participate must purchase and install their copy of the game on their system.

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South Park: Snow Day!

March 26, 2024