How to Get to the Volcanic Island

Getting back to the Volcanic Island that the Arisen first wakes up on in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a much more ‘involved’ ordeal than you might expect. There are a lot of areas and paths you can reach in Dragon’s Dogma 2 without following the intended path, but it usually involves a lot of exploration and going through areas that are a bit more difficult than one might expect.


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To get there the intended way, you’ll need to progress the main story a significant amount. There is another way to get here earlier, but it is pretty much equally as involved. So, with that in mind, let’s go over all three of the methods you can use to reach the Agamen Volcanic Island in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Method 1: Through The Spellseal Door

The ‘Intended’ Path

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Looking Up At Spellseal Door

Let’s start things off with the intended default method of reaching the Volcanic Island. If you progress the main storyline naturally, you’ll eventually reach Battahl after crossing the Border Checkpoint (either by using the Permit or by hiding in the back of a cart). When you get here, progress the main quest until you reach one called A New Godsway.

However, be warned, starting this quest is basically a ‘point of no return’ that sets you on the path to the end of the game (and the Volcanic Island is the ‘end-game’ area. In any case, progressing through the New Godsway quest eventually earns you a new weapon called the Empowered Godsbane Blade.

At the start of the quest that directly follows A New Godsway, called The Guardian Gigantus, the Spellseal Door will actually be opened for you, giving your Arisen full access to the Volcanic Island. Again, this quest basically ‘forces’ you to follow a certain enemy throughout the island, so don’t start this whole process until you’re ready to follow it through to the end.

Method 2: Through Drabnir’s Grotto

The ‘Back’ Path

The ‘back’ way of reaching the Volcanic Island is accessible to the player as soon as they reach Battahl in general (more likely after they visit Bakbattahl). From the capital, AKA Bakbattahl, follow the road leading west out of the city and take the path leading south. Keep following this main road until you reach Drabnir’s Grotto, though be ready to fight a whole bunch of bandits beforehand and an Armored Cyclops right after.

After clearing all enemy obstacles, you can head into Drabnir’s Grotto and make your way through this labyrinthian maze. It’s not actually that confusing, but it’ll likely take you a bit of time if you’re trying to explore all the side paths. Also be aware that there are a ton of enemies in here that can easily overwhelm you, especially if you’re under-leveled (lower than, say, level 25). The goblins, in particular, can be a real nightmare to deal with, so have some area of effect attack ready for dealing with groups of enemies. In any case, once you pop out the other side, just keep following the main road and you’ll be on the Agamen Volcanic Island.

This is also where players can quickly meet Gautstafr, a kindly old dwarf with back issues. Help this Dwarf out and follow his questline to not only unlock a 4th Smithing Style, Dwarven Smithing but also gain the Magick Archer Vocation and gain access to the NPC that holds the Warfarer Vocation, an ex-Arisen known as Lamond. Going through Gautstafr’s questline isn’t required to get to this island or anything, but he’s literally standing in the middle of the only path leading onto the island, so it’s pretty difficult to ignore him.

Method 3: New Game+

The Third (But Not Really) Path

This final method doesn’t really count since it requires players to get to the Volcanic Island by other methods once, clear the game entirely, and head into NG+. But, it’s worth mentioning that, as long as you still have the Empowered Godsbane Blade in NG+ you can actually use that yourself to open the Spellseal door as soon as you reach Bakbattahl.

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