Red Dead Online Player Creates Barbie in the Game


  • A creative Red Dead Online player has recreated Barbie in the game, after being inspired by Greta Gerwig’s hit movie.
  • The Barbie creation utilizes a Red Dead Online customization glitch to get all the pieces required.
  • Despite a lack of recent updates, Red Dead Online still boasts a dedicated player base showcasing a ton of creativity.

A creative Red Dead Online player has shown off their amazing Barbie recreation in the game, inspired by the recent hit film of the same name. Despite a lack of updates lately, Red Dead Online retains a dedicated player base that frequently likes to flaunt its creative side.

The customization in Red Dead Online is pretty extensive, and allows players to create any type of Western protagonist for their online adventures. Over the years, gamers have used this to show off a bunch of different unique character designs, often paying homage to other franchises or real historical figures. A while back, a Red Dead Online player recreated The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon in the game, and it’s interesting to see the wide variety of the different characters being made.


Red Dead Online Player Shows Off Their Near Perfect Recreation of Arthur Morgan

A gamer creates a nearly perfect copy of Red Redemption 2’s Arthur Morgan using Red Dead Online’s character customization tool.

Redditor AbbreviationsTotal75 shared their Barbie recreation from Red Dead Online, which, according to the user, was created after they couldn’t get the Barbie movie out of their head. It’s an amazing match, and definitely resembles her Western appearance from the film. The striking pink outfit is just an amazing example of what the customization in Red Dead Online allows players to do, although, according to the user, one glitch was used during the creation of this.

Barbie in Red Dead Online

AbbreviationsTotal75 also ran through the full list of clothing used to bring Barbie to life in the game, although interestingly, they are using the Chambliss Corset and the Neat String Tie, which requires a Red Dead Online glitch to wear both at the same time. While it’s a shame that the game has these kinds of restrictions, it’s great to see that the community is able to use its creativity to overcome them. It’s lucky that Rockstar hasn’t patched it out so many years after the release of Red Dead Online, but given the usefulness of the bug, it’s entirely possible that this is intentional.

It’s great to see that Red Dead Online is still so active in the gaming community. With Red Dead Redemption 3 still likely many years away, it seems that players will have to make do with what the current iteration has to offer. At times, it feels as though Rockstar has slightly neglected Red Dead Online in favor of Grand Theft Auto Online, but the game still has plenty to offer for those wanting an authentic Western experience. In terms of open-world Wild West multiplayer titles, it remains by far the best of its ilk.

red dead online poster

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online is a “standalone” release that takes place in the Red Dead Redemption II world, allowing players to create their own heroes and outlaws. They can enter an open world with other players, adventuring through a veritable playground of wild west-inspired areas. There’s PvP, cooperative play, multiple unlockables, and much more.