New York Times Strands Hints and Answers for March 31, 2024

The New York Times Games Strands is a daily word-finding puzzle game where you need to find a selection of hidden words in a puzzle grid.

Strands has a whole new letter scramble for today. If you are looking for a word-finding challenge, you have certainly found one with this puzzle. Not only will you need to know all Strands‘ rules, but you will also need to be familiar with the Spangram and all the themed words as well. If you want to solve today’s puzzle for this in-beta game, but you don’t want to use the in-game hint system, this article is here to help. In it, you can find general hints, individual word spoilers, and even the full answer to today’s puzzle.

The NYT Games Strands Puzzle for March 31, 2024


Today’s Strands has the clue It’s Lit! It has seven things to find in it: one Spangram and six themed words. If you are looking for help with today’s challenging puzzle, you can find it below.


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New York Times Games Strands Clues

Searching for some general clues that won’t spoil anything of the puzzle? Check out the expandable sections below for such hints for this minimalist puzzle game.

General Hint 1

General Hint 2

General Hint 3

Spoilers for Two of the Words in Today’s Strands

If you want to know the position of a word or two for today’s puzzle, check out the expandable sections below. Each one has just one word in it from today’s Strands puzzle game.

Spoiler 1

Spoiler 2

The Answer to Today’s New York Times Games Strands

If you want to see the full spoiler for today’s New York Times Games Strands, click the Read More button below. This section will have all the themed words, Spangram, and the location of each in the puzzle.

Today’s Strands Explained

Today’s combination of themed words, clue, and Spangram not 100% clear? Check out this expandable section for a full explanation of how they all fit together.

Want to play? Check out the New York Times Games Strands website available on almost any device with a browser.

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March 4, 2024

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