MLB The Show 24: Egg Hunt Program Guide

The Egg Hunt Program returns in MLB The Show 24.

This is one of the most unique programs to ever hit Diamond Dynasty. To complete the program, players must accomplish some very specific tasks across all of Diamond Dynasty. Along the way, you’ll earn various rewards including some program exclusive cards.

This guide is courtesy of Scann this year so shoutout to Scann for helping the rest of us find some eggs in Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 24 Egg Hunt Program Guide

Egg 1

Complete the Egg Hunt Program Moments. These Moments must be accessed from the main menu of MLB The Show 24. Navigate down to Moments, enter Other Programs and you’ll see the Egg Hunt Moments. Complete all of these Moments to earn your first egg.

Egg 2

Complete the second Moment in the Starter Showdown. Even if you’ve already completed the Starter Showdown, you’ll need to start a new run, complete the first Moment to unlock the second, and then you’ll earn your egg once you complete this Moment.

Egg 3

Record a Stolen Base in Ranked. This one is pretty straight forward. You simply need to record a SB in Ranked to earn this egg. As of this writing, it’s unknown if Co-Op Ranked rewards you with the egg. If you play Co-Op Ranked, steal a base and earn the egg — let us know!

Egg 4

Win a Play vs. CPU game against any bird team on any difficulty. Basically, beat the Orioles, Blue Jays, Cardinals in a Play vs. CPU game to earn this egg. It’ll require a full 9-inning game on your preferred difficulty, so this would be a good time to use some players to complete missions or players you want to Parallel.

Egg 5

Get On Base with Wade Boggs in Battle Royale. This one is very specific and requires you to play online in Battle Royale, and draft Wade Boggs, and reach base with him. The drafting part won’t be a challenge as he’s guaranteed to show up for everyone so you’ll just need to reach base with him in a BR game.

Egg 6

Exchange 15 Jelly Beans for an Egg. Jelly Bean vouchers are randomly inserted into Show packs and you’ll need to accrue and exchange 15 of these to earn this egg. We have no idea if Jelly Beans are limited but it’s probably a safe bet that they’ll stop appearing. But again, we don’t know for sure. This means that we’ll either see additional ways to earn Jelly Beans in the future, or you’ll miss out on completing the program fully. You’ll still earn the Christian Yelich card that’s the main prize, but you won’t get the exclusive player icon at the end or the 4,000 XP at the final level.

Egg 7

Record a Triple in Diamond Dynasty. This appears to be earnable anywhere in the game, although again we can’t confirm if Co-Op Ranked will trigger the egg. Simply hit a triple in Diamond Dynasty and you should be a proud new owner of Egg 7.

Egg 8

Record two Doubles in Events. This task requires you to play online in Events and record two Doubles. I haven’t seen clear confirmation on if it’s in the same game or simply total. Either way, within a couple Event games you should easily earn this egg.

Egg 9

Win a game in Classic Mini Seasons on All-Star. Boot up a classic Mini Seasons run and simply win a game on All-Star. This should work in a run you currently have going.

Egg 10

Defeat the Baltimore Orioles in the Egg Hunt Conquest map. Again, a fairly simple task that will earn you the (hopefully) final egg you need to complete the program.

There you have it! The full guide for completing the Egg Hunt Program in MLB The Show 24.