Pirate Crews That Can Beat The Red Hair Pirates


  • Red Hair Pirates known for balance, hard to beat in combat but not infallible; Other crews can push them to limit.
  • Whitebeard Pirates led by strongest man alive; crew harmony, principles make them formidable; Epic battle with Red Hair Pirates.
  • Blackbeard Pirates notorious, rise to dominance spectacular; Raided Impel Down, murdered Whitebeard; Massive test for Red Hair Pirates.

The Red Hair Pirates are one of the most well-known crews in One Piece. Led by Shanks, they have managed to make a name for themselves in next to no time. The Red Hair Pirates have yet to demonstrate their strength, but fans are aware of the damage they can cause.


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The Red Hair Pirates are said to have the most balance out of all the pirate crews in One Piece. This makes it very difficult for their enemies to beat them in combat. However, the Red Hair pirates are not infallible; in fact, there are some pirate crews who can push them to the limit.

6 Whitebeard Pirates

Strongest Member: Whitebeard

Whitebeard Friends One Piece - Featured

The Whitebeard Pirates were one of the strongest crews of all time. They were captained by Edward Newgate, who was known as the strongest man alive. In his heyday, Whitebeard was the only pirate capable of matching the great Gol D. Roger in combat. Whitebeard’s crew adhered to several principles, and anyone who broke them was severely punished.

This led to an increased harmony within the crew, with every single one of them willing to lay down their lives for their captain and for one another. Aside from Whitebeard, the crew also had other notable fighters, including Marco, Jozu, Ace, and Vista. A fight between the Red Hair Pirates and the Whitebeard Pirates would be nothing short of epic.

5 Beasts Pirates

Strongest Member: Kaido

Kaido's dragon form

Under Kaido’s leadership, the Beasts Pirates became a force to be reckoned with. They were feared throughout the world for their ruthlessness. Kaido was hardly interested in peace, and he looked for ways to stir up conflict.


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When the Whitebeard Pirates were busy fighting in Marineford, Kaido was ready to go and join them. However, they were stopped by Shanks and his crew. There is no evidence of who had the upper hand in the fight, so it is safe to say it was only a minor tussle. If things were to get serious, then the Red Hair Pirates wouldn’t find it easy to stand up to the competition.

4 Roger Pirates

Strongest Member: Gol D. Roger

Shanks & The Roger Pirates Battling Shiki In One Piece

The Roger pirates managed to make a name for themselves by completing a voyage around the Grand Line. The crew managed to find Laugh Tale, the final island, and learned about the true history of the world. The crew also discovered the One Piece but decided against claiming it.

With the help of his crew, Gol D. Roger went on to become the King of the Pirates. While Roger did not have any kind of Devil Fruit, he was still able to compete with Whitebeard. Roger’s crewmates were no slouches either. Most of them were talented fighters in their own right, and they went on to create a legacy of their own. In a fight between the Red Hair Pirates and the Roger Pirates, the latter would definitely come out on top.

3 Blackbeard Pirates

Strongest Member: Blackbeard

Blackbeard pirates one piece

The Blackbeard Pirates are one of the most notorious groups of privateers in One Piece. Their rise to dominance has been nothing short of spectacular. The crew has raided Impel Down and freed some of the most heinous criminals in the facility’s history. Blackbeard and his crew then traveled to Marineford, where they murdered Whitebeard and stole his Devil Fruit.


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The Blackbeard Pirates also managed to gain control of Hachinosu, although with some external help. Over the years, the crew has accumulated many powerful Devil Fruits, which has bolstered their overall strength. The Blackbeard Pirates might have run away from their confrontation with the Red Hair Pirates, but they have clearly improved a lot since then. So, it is highly likely that they will prove to be a massive test for the Red Hair Pirates.

2 Straw Hat Pirates

Strongest Member: Monkey D. Luffy

Straw Hat Pirates One Piece Egghead

The Straw Hat Pirates are among the most powerful pirate crews in the world. They are led by their zealous captain, Monkey D. Luffy, who dreams of becoming the King of Pirates. He has recruited many strong individuals to his crew, which has helped him survive the harshness of the Grand Line.

Over time, all crew members have massively improved in terms of strength, and they will continue to do so before the end of the series. Luffy and Shanks are on good terms, so there is very little reason for both of them to go to war. However, Shanks also wants to claim the One Piece, and it’s obvious that Luffy won’t stand for it. A fight between the two crews would be one for the ages.

1 Rocks Pirates

Strongest Member: Rocks D. Xebec

Rocks pirates god valley one piece 1096

The Rocks Pirates are arguably the most infamous group of pirates in the history of One Piece. They were captained by Rocks D. Xebec, the most dangerous pirate of his era. Rocks wanted to rule the world, and he was willing to go to any lengths to accomplish it. For this reason, Rocks only recruited the strongest fighters for his crew.

Almost all the members of the Rocks Pirates went on to make a name for themselves, which shows how powerful they were. At the peak of their powers, the Rocks Pirates would have been a match for any pirate crew in the world. So, it is safe to say that the Red Hair Pirates would not find it easy going up against Rocks and his crew.

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