MLB The Show 24 is Nerfing One of the Game’s Players


  • A new MLB The Show 24 patch nerfs overperforming character Matt Waldron, addressing community complaints.
  • The update will increase knuckleball velocity, and decrease break.

An upcoming patch for the recently released MLB The Show 24 will nerf a character in the game who has apparently been overperforming. The Major League Baseball title has been plagued with problems since its launch.

Released on March 19, San Diego Studio’s MLB The Show 24 is the nineteenth entry in the long-running MLB: The Show game series. The title had a rocky launch as many players reported encountering a number of problems, from technical issues like freezes, to inaccessible servers. While the game received an update on March 27 that addressed several issues, it did little to resolve another major problem: a seemingly overpowered character.


MLB The Show 24 Review

MLB The Show 24 is a return to form for the series, revamping Diamond Dynasty while making its single-player modes a must-play for all baseball fans.

The developer notes for MLB The Show 24‘s Wednesday patch revealed that a new update will finally make significant tweaks to the performance characteristics of pitcher Matt Waldron from the San Diego Padres, which is not even considered to be among the best teams in MLB The Show 24. Players discovered that it was difficult to hit against Waldron in the game, and some have complained that the character was ruining the fun for everyone.


San Diego Studio has seemingly caught on the issue, as the upcoming update for MLB The Show 24 will increase the velocity of Waldron’s knuckleball and slightly decrease his break. This should result in Waldron’s knuckleball becoming easier to hit, according to the notes. Even after the changes to Waldron have been implemented, San Diego Studio promised to continue monitoring community feedback and adjust game parameters if needed. The team also defended the changes that were made to MLB The Show 24‘s Diamond Dynasty mode, which it claimed were necessary for the game.

MLB The Show 24 Matt Waldron Nerf

  • Increased knuckleball velocity, decreased break

In addition to changing Matt Waldron’s parameters, MLB The Show 24 will have an opening day event, an egg hunt program, and a ranked program update on March 29. Legendary San Francisco Giants player Willie McCovey and Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Christian Yelich will be part of the egg hunt program’s reward path. The former’s team is one of the best teams for shortstops to join in MLB The Show 24.

MLB The Show 24 currently has a Metascore of 80 over at review aggregate Metracritic, while its User Score sits at a 4.8 out of 10. Hopefully post-launch updates will improve public perception of the game.

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MLB The Show 24

San Diego Studio’s MLB The Show 24 provides an in-depth baseball sim experience, allowing players to work their way up from the minor leagues to the World Series. 

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March 19, 2024

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