Whitethorn Games combines two completely different pastimes in Skate Fish

If you have ever gone fishing then you know that it is a lesson in patience, sitting around waiting for a bite that may never come. Well, that’s because you have been doing it wrong, since as Whitehorn Games now demonstrates in new release Skate Fish, the only way to catch a fish is with sick skateboarding tricks.

Indeed it is that combination you never knew you needed; Tony Hawk Pro Skater meets Fishing Planet, for the only way to land a fish in this world is by impressing them with your epic tricks. Using a two-finger touch control reminiscent of those old finger decks, you can land your prey with a variety of tricks.

Throw out some flip tricks, whip out some grinds, do an ollie and other, such skateboarding terms I don’t know to shock that bass into submission. You can explore three distinct locations with their own unique environments to master and species to collect to complete your quest of populating the local aquarium.

As we all know, there is another thing that fish love besides doing an impressive Impossible, and that is, of course, a snappy dresser. You can customise your deck, truck, tape, and fishing gear to create a style like none other, and I, for one, would love to see someone in full waders riding on a skateboard.

To make sure that anyone can enjoy this new bit of fun, Whitethorn Games has loaded Skate Fish with some neat accessibility options. Simple Mode will allow you to always land your tricks, whereas Pro Mode will give you more precise control, and you can flip between two-finger, one-finger, or button inputs, as well as being able to adjust the timescale of the game to slow things down as much as needed.

Skate Fish is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.