Towerborne Reveals Character Customization Details

In a recent update on the official Towerborne website, Stoic Studios has shared detailed information about their upcoming game’s character customization features. In the game Towerborne, players take on the role of an Ace, a defender of the central hub called the Belfry. The customization option specifically seems to have gotten a lot of development time.

The development team wants players to have fun expressing themselves through their Ace avatars. From what I see, it seems really basic. Players can make changes whenever they want, and customization options include hair, face shape, eyes, skin color, gender, voice, and more. During the interview with the team, it was disclosed that finding the right mix of customization options while preserving the game’s distinctive artistic style was a major challenge.

Nevertheless, they appear assured that the available choices will achieve the desired equilibrium, providing a range of down-to-earth visual styles alongside more unconventional possibilities.

According to the creators, customization is not just about having many options, it’s about being easy to do. Players don’t need to think about complicated rules for combining different things, which allows them to be more creative. Players can change how their character looks whenever they want in the game, so they can try new things and make adjustments whenever they like.

“Character customization systems are always a great creative and technical challenge: identifying where the value is, so we don’t spend too many cycles on features that might not be important to players, and going nuts on the things we feel players will enjoy the most. We knew from the beginning that we wanted players to have as much freedom as possible, and it takes a lot of dedication from all areas of development to support that… but we’re confident players will enjoy it.”

Art Director Pedro Toledo

The art team working on Towerborne is very enthusiastic about the eye customization options, which complement the game’s unique 2D-in-3D visual style. They also expressed their excitement for the variety of hairstyles and facial hair available, ranging from traditional to modern to Victorian-inspired looks.

The Mirror’s Wagon is not fixed. Stoic plans for it to change as Towerborne grows. More choices and maybe even new customization categories will give players more options. We’ll have to see where this all goes, but it seems like this is a big selling point for the game.