This Fortnite feature is useless in Chapter 5, community claims

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Fans are loving the latest season of Fortnite. Chapter 5 Season 2 has introduced Olympian boss gods to take down, with updated medallion abilities, and new weapons.

Of course, with new additions to the game, some things have been removed. However, one feature that survived the chop in Chapter 5 has been branded as useless by the Fortnite community. It could be time for Epic Games to bin off this once-favourite item!

Llame Llamas

The Supply Llama was once seen as a noble creature, worth hunting down for the bounty inside. However, the feeling lately is that they have become pretty lame.

As addressed by u/ExitNo7778 on Reddit, “Why are Llamas so terrible now? I’ve probably only found 2 or 3 this season and yet the best thing in them is a few ammo. Why do they not drop so many healing items anymore”.

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It’s true that drops from the llamas have been getting worse over time. A few in the discussion also admitted they didn’t realise they were still included in the game!

A balanced point made by u/121_Jiggawatts stated “It’s not really that they are terrible, but just that they aren’t as good as they used to be. I really think they need an expensive item again, like how they used to have a Chug Cannon.” Introducing better loot would certainly make llamas more sought-after.

However, some users were quick to jump to the defence of the humble llama, pointing out that the OP only thinks they are terrible as they are playing in Zero Build. “You’re playing zero build, that takes one of the main purposes of the llamas away. If you were playing builds you’d be getting a lot of [materials] too,” pointed out u/ItsVibrant16. It’s a fair point to make. Yet, it also supports the stance that the Supply Llama could do with a little buff, even if only in Zero Build.

If Epic Games keeps reducing the supply from llamas in Fortnite then they could prove totally useless, to the point where they should just be removed. We’d hate to see them go, so improving their drops would be our suggestion. Yet, it may be time to say goodbye to the creatures.