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As you start stacking up ultra-rare Auras in Sols RNG, you’ll need to find some space to store them. With our guide on how to get Money in Sols RNG, you can do just that.

Sols RNG is a minimalist gacha experience on the Roblox platform. Rather than use gacha systems to support an existing gameplay loop, Sols instead makes gacha rolling the central focus of the game. A light crafting system aside, this is a game about rolling and little else. That said, the game does feature a rudimentary currency system, which you’ll need to engage with in order to keep more of your favourite Auras around. This guide will show you how to do so.

You can step up to the Sols RNG roulette wheel on Roblox right now. For more on the game’s more esoteric systems, check out our Sols RNG Eclipse guide and our Sols RNG Biomes guide.

How To Get Money In Sols RNG

Currently, there are two ways to get Money in Sols RNG. The first is through the use of Items, specifically, the Coin and Gilded Coin. You can find both of these randomly lying on the ground around the map, though Gilded Coins are significantly rarer than their normal counterparts.

Using a Coin gets you $50, while using a Gilded Coin gets you $100. At time of writing, there’s no other use for these Items, so you should use every Coin you find to boost your Money total.

It’s worth noting that, in addition to being found on the ground, you can also get Gilded Coins through crafting. At Jake’s Workshop, you can craft a Gilded Coin using one Gilded Aura. You have a 1 in 512 chance to roll Gilded, so it’s fairly rare. It’s also a required material for crafting the Exo Gauntlet, so be sure to put the first three Gilded Auras you roll towards the Exo Gauntlet before you start converting them to cash.

The other way to get Money in Sols RNG is to complete Quests. These are limited-time objectives given by NPCs in the map. For more information on Quests, you can check out our Sols RNG Quests guide.

What To Spend Your Money On

So what can you spend your hard-earned Sols RNG Money on, exactly? At time of writing, there’s only one option: expanding the size of your Storage. Open your Storage using the button on the left-hand side of the screen, and in the bottom-left of the menu that appears you’ll see the ‘Expand’ button. This costs $400 initially, and doing it will increase the Aura capacity of your Storage by one. You can repeat this process multiple times, but it grows more expensive each time. If you want to build up a decently-sized Aura collection, expanding your Storage this way is a must.