Geneforge 2 – Invasion launches on PC and Mac with an iPad version still un

  • Become a Shaper with the power to create and destory life
  • Remaster features over 50 hours of content with multiple endings to chase
  • Customize your playthrough to your liking

Spiderweb Software has just announced the release of their latest title, Geneforge 2 – Infestation, a remaster of the decades-old collectible RPG. The cult classic was launched on PC and Mac, but iOS users haven’t been forgotten as an iPad version is in the works. This refreshed version introduces new questlines, stories, adventures, and a revamped UI while preserving the hallmark gameplay and freedom that made the series so beloved.

In Geneforge 2 – Infestation, you step into the shoes of a Shaper, a powerful wizard tasked with creating life to serve and fight. However, a revolution has erupted among your once-loyal creations, plunging the world into chaos. Now, the fate of the world rests in your hands. You can either quell the uprising or steal these forbidden powers and help the rebels attain freedom.

The remaster significantly expands on its predecessor, boasting over 50 hours of gameplay, multiple endings, and extensive replayability. With new storylines, creations, and artifacts added to the game, you’ll embark on a thrilling adventure filled with choices that shape the outcome of your journey.

Whether you prefer brute force, cunning diplomacy, or stealthy manoeuvres, Geneforge 2 offers a myriad of playstyles to suit your preferences. Build your own army of mutant monsters, wield powerful magic, or navigate the crisis with finesse, you can customize your experience the way you want.

Speaking about the release of the latest title, Spiderweb Software’s founder, Jeff Vogel, said: “Geneforge 2 was one of our biggest successes in our 30 years in this business. It has ideas and paths and player options that are still fresh and unique twenty years after its release, like having a full ‘pacifist’ route. If you hunger for another old-school, turn-based adventure with a great story, this is a good place to look.”

Geneforge 2 – Infestation is currently available on PC and Mac, with an iPad version coming soon.

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