AFK Journey, the sequel to Mobile RPG AFK Arena, launches on mobile and PC

Recruit heroes, explore an expansive world and dominate in tactical combat.

  • AFK Journey is out now for mobile and PC
  • The game features a Live Canvas art style
  • Recruit heroes, familiar and new, as you explore a magical world

AFK Journey, the sequel to AFK Arena, is now available for PC and mobile. From publisher Farlight Games, AFK Journey takes you on an epic adventure through the magical world of Esperia. According to the game’s developer, it expands on the gameplay experience of AFK Arena in a variety of ways.

In this fresh RPG, you’ll recruit a variety of heroes, battel challenging enemies and earn rewards for in-game actions through the game’s idle mechanic. If you’ve played AFK Arena, you’ll likely recognize some of the heroes you recruit. However, the game also features tons of brand-new heroes.

You can freely explore the world of Esperia and interact with NPCs across the game’s many towns, many of which have quests to offer. Further. The new mobile RPG takes AFK Arena’s combat system and improves upon it with new features like environmental traps and precision-timed ultimate moves. You’ll enjoy tactical combat in which your formation can determine whether you win or lose.

The game also features cross-play, so you can maintain your progress as you switch between playing on mobile and PC. Beginning in May Farlight Games will begin releasing content updates about four times per year. AFK Journey also features a distinct art style dubbed live canvas, which takes inspiration from childhood storybooks. You’ll feel like you’re exploring a storybook world as you travel through Esperia.

With AFK Journey’s idle mechanics, you can level up your characters while you’re away from the game. Just claim your idle rewards when you log back in. The title also features full voice acting for all of its cutscenes to further immerse you in the game’s narrative.

AFK Journey is available on the App Store and Google Play. To play AFK Journey on PC, go to the game’s official website and download it. To learn more about this new mobile RPG, browse its website or follow the game on Facebook or Instagram.