Valorant players predict these nerfs are coming in the next act

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Competitive games are ever changing and if you haven’t played in a while you could log on to a completely different feeling game as characters, weapons, abilities, and items are added, removed, buffed, and nerfed. Valorant regularly receives new updates and seasons in the form of Episodes and Acts. The game is currently in on Episode 8 act 2, which is due to end on April 30th. When the game goes into Act 3 it will likely receive many changes, but with nothing announced yet the community has been theorising as to what we can expect from the next major update.

In a Reddit post, Valorant players discussed the potential changes that could be coming with Episode 8 Act 3. With Clove being the most recently added Controller Agent, and Viper currently dominating in that role, it is likely that we could see Viper be nerfed to allow Clove more room to shine as an Agent. With a near 80% pick rate during the recent VCT Masters Madrid tournament, it is almost inevitable that Viper will be nerfed with the next update. This could be done by lowering the amount of time the poison cloud orb ability remains active, or how long the ability takes to regenerate.

Image credit: Riot Games

Only time will tell as to whether this makes Clove more viable from a competitive standpoint, but with Viper being such a mainstay in the competitive scene, it is likely that Viper will likely remain the go to Controller Agent. Looking at the meta from VCT will give players a good indicator as to what we can expect from the next Act. Cypher and Omen are two Agents that players believe will be nerfed along with Viper, while it is likely that Brimstone will see a slight buff based on their performance and usage rates during VCT.

In the ever changing landscape of competitive gaming, it can be difficult to keep up to date with all of the changes, but if you’re new to the game it isn’t too late to get started. We recommend checking out our guides for the best PCs to use for Valorant, as well as our look at what equipment the top VCT pro players are using when competing.