The Finals video shows how long medium weapons take to kill enemies

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The Finals has three different classes you can play as from Light, Medium, and Heavy. Each of them boasts unique gadgets and gizmos as well as weapons that help create distinguished playstyles. For the middle class respectively, there is a video that shows how long each medium weapon takes to kill enemies in The Finals with the longest taking over three seconds.

We are currently in the midst of The Finals Season 2. A new update is planned to come out soon, and the devs have issued a statement as a fan-favorite mode is returning at the expense of Bank It. In addition to a fan-favorite mode, players are hoping that weapons will get necessary buffs and nerfs as one weapon has been dubbed ‘stupid’ and unfair to other players.

Again, there is an assortment of weapons in the game, and there are some in desperate need of buffs such as the useless KAS-23 Slug shotgun. In addition, fans are also pondering more nerfs and buffs following a video that shows how long each medium weapon takes to kill the opposition from a standing still position.

The Finals video shows how long each medium weapon takes to kill enemies

Reddit user Knooper_bunny has uploaded a video to The Finals subreddit. It is a medium weapon time-to-kill comparison that shows how long each weapon takes to kill a heavy dummy in practice. You can check out the video below.

In one of the top comments, it’s pointed out that, although handy, the video doesn’t paint the full picture as, for example, the shotgun ‘can pop in-and-out of cover taking shots, so TTK will generally stay the same… But with AK or FCAR can’t really do that, you need to shoot constantly’. It’s also pointed out that ‘There are also other factors such as damage falloff, accuracy, AOE damage (good) and travel time (bad) for grenade launchers, etc’.

Still, despite the mitigating factors listed above, the video is still a useful and insightful guide. Looking at the video, the CL-40 is highlighted as a weapon that needs a buff in a lot of comments, meanwhile, the FCAR is a heavy contender for a nerf.

Talking about the FCAR, one user commented wondering ‘if reducing the Fcar damage by 1 again would make it more balanced or not, currently it does 25 damages, and decreasing it to 24 will increase 1 more shot to kill across all classes’. In response, another user pointed out that the FAMAS needs a buff as its damage is way too low in comparison.

One comment specifically highlights the FAMAS as a ‘dogs**t’ with ‘literally no benefit to using it compared to the other ARs’. In one of the replies, Reddit user DynamicStatic shared a Google Doc that shows all of the individual damage statistics for every weapon belonging to the Light, Medium, and Heavy classes.

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