How to Become an Immortal Stalker in a Short Time

Discover the secret of immortality in Stalker. Get equipment and money from the first steps up to the complex ones.

Welcome Stalker! You will start the game in a swampy area, Zaton.

The first step is to look for better equipment and money, for this head towards the anomaly on your right, follow the PDA to orient yourself.

You will find two stalkers, kill them quickly. The knife is extremely effective in Call Of Pripyat, especially from behind.

Recover the assault rifle, shotgun and all possible resources from the corpses.

Insert the shotgun and assault rifle that you recovered into the 2 slots.

First Steps into the World of Stalker Call Of Pripyat

Now continue towards the boat moored in the swamp to recover an artifact. Once you arrive nearby, stay on the bridge and do not enter the water to avoid radiation.

Once you reach the deck, go around it. Follow the improvised path created by the Stalkers, enter inside. In the cabin upstairs you will find the artifact attached to the rudder and take it.

Now go down the corridor and take the anti-radiation kit.

At the exit you will find a Stalker who will ask you for the artifact you just recovered. Eliminate him quickly and loot his equipment.

Two allies of the stalker you eliminated will arrive, be careful, they are very dangerous.

Now head to Skadovsk and you will meet the other free stalkers.

Now sell the artifact you recovered to Beard, the bartender you will find at the entrance.

Go upstairs and talk to the merchant and sell your old equipment, pistol and old AK.

Now you will have enough money to handle the second phase.

Phase Two: Detective Time

Go down the stairs and back into the bar, talk to Grouse and he will ask you for help finding some missing stalkers, especially Danila.

Grouse will ask you to meet him at the antenna station, follow the PDA to locate the best route.

Once you get there, follow Grouse and eliminate the bloodsucker inside the complex, (WARNING!! If Grouse dies, the mission fails).

Follow Grouse through the dungeons, being careful not to alert the bloodsuckers in the stealth section.

After exiting Grouse will order you to inform Beard about the problem.

Go to Beard and tell him about the bloodsuckers’ lair, he will send you to retrieve a toxic gas canister from a military vehicle.

Go towards the collapsed bridge and go down towards the car that fell from the bridge, you will find it on the other bank.

Inside you will find a chest, recover the keys contained therein.

Now go up the bridge and walk along the road being careful of the extremely lethal anomalies.

Use nails to avoid them.

Reach the jeep and take the second key.

Proceed onto the larger truck and open the chest with the keys you just recovered.

Take the canister (WARNING!! It weighs a lot) and the ammunition for the assault rifle.

Return to the antenna station and attach the canister, wait 44 seconds for the gas to take effect and you will have driven out their lair completely.

Many bloodsuckers will attack you and you will have to find a good defensive position during this section.

Detective Achievement

Return to Beard and he will pay you for the work done.

Now you will notice that Grouse is missing, go to the crane.

You will find a wooden hut. Go inside and you will find Grouse dead on a table while Tremor, a very particular and dangerous Stalker, draws his blood.

You can choose to kill Tremor or spare him so he commits suicide.

Now go back to Beard and talk to him.

You will obtain the detective achievement and now every 24 hours you will always find a supply of medicines in your personal chest.

Phase 2 Complete!

Phase Three: Let’s Go Hunting

Now the most complex phase will begin. First, sleep for 24 hours at least 30 times.

When you wake up, eat and go to the cashier, take the various medical kits. You will have to have at least 40 for this phase and 25/30 bands.

Continue to sleep and sell the excess medicines, until you reach 30,000 RU.

Buy as much shotgun and AK ammo as possible.

Now continue towards the power station, where you will find the Stingray 2.

Approach the helicopter, being careful of the electrical anomaly and the objects that will be thrown at you.

Analyze the helicopter and you will find maps that will simplify the game.

Now go back to Svadosk and talk to the guide, sell the maps and you will get a huge discount on travel.

Talk to him again and travel to Janov Station, now go downstairs and you will find a stalker, talk to him.

Hunting Missions

Now he will assign you a series of hunting missions, each with increasing difficulty.

The first is the bloodsuckers’ hunt. The best way to eliminate them is the shotgun, placing 2 shots in the head.

It will be a tough and slow fight due to the invisibility of the enemies.

With calm and a good amount of bullets you will take them down.

Return to Trapper for the reward and he will assign you the second hunt.

You have to eliminate 2 Burers in a warehouse. Make sure you have a large supply of ammo before starting.

When you enter the warehouse, face one enemy at a time, they are very tough and can eliminate your resistance and disarm you very easily.

The best way to eliminate them is to find good cover and make short bursts at the head. When they escape, use the knife. Repeat until they die.

As always, return to Trapper for the reward.

This time Trapper will send you to Svadosk to talk to other hunters.

Reach Zaton with your guide and equip yourself as best you can.

Talk to the hunters and follow their instructions very carefully to eliminate the Chimera: a well-placed headshot often works.

If that’s not enough, get ready for a tough fight, the best weapon is the shotgun.

Once eliminated, talk to the hunters and you will receive a SPAS as a reward, equip it.

Return to Svadosk and rest for 2 days, now return to Yanov, it is important that it is night, from midnight onwards.

Now exit and continue until you receive a call from the Trapper who will inform you that he has located the last Chimera.

Go to the indicated place, it will be very dark and dangerous, be careful throughout the journey.

As soon as you reach the position, kill the chimera with precise shots with the SPAS, always aiming for the head to save ammunition.

Stalker Hunting Rewards

Once the Chimera is killed, return to Trapper for the reward. In addition to the money you will get the hunter achievement.

With this recognition the stalkers will give you ammunition every 24 hours in Yanov.

Now sell your weapons and sleep for at least a month. On the last day eat and sell all the ammunition in the chest except the 5.56×45.

You will need to make at least 100,000 RU before leaving for Zaton.

Final Phase: Shopping

Now return to Zaton making sure you have 100,000 RU and at least 3000 5.56×45 ammo.

Go to the dealer on the top floor of Svadosk and buy an exoskeleton and an assault weapon twice.

Now you will have extremely powerful armor, an excellent FT2000 with integrated grenade launcher and for long-range combat a remarkable GC36 with integrated optics.

Congratulations Stalker! Now you are ready to start Call Of Pripyat in the best way.

Happy hunting stalkers!

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