Cards Ahoy! lets you trade NFT cards based on popular internet memes

Metalist has announced the official launch of Cards Ahoy!, adding a hilarious twist to your typical trading card game with its plethora of memes for you to enjoy. Essentially, you’ll build your deck and unleash your inner tactician across fast-paced 60-second battles infused with Web3 elements to raise the stakes.

In Cards Ahoy!, you’ll collect and deploy a lineup of familiar memes from Doge to Sad Frog, with over 200 cards to choose from and four Factions to collect. You can also boost the value of your gameplay experience with NFT cards, which you can acquire through battles and Mystery Boxes. You can trade with other players to build higher Rarity cards and unlock more powerful skills as well.

Boasting more than two million pre-registration sign-ups so far, Cards Ahoy! is now available to download across the globe after a successful third closed beta test. With the launch, you can look forward to joining in on the festivities with the ongoing “Cards Ahoy!” x “Naraka: Bladepoint” collaboration event.

If that sounds like it’s right up your alley, you can check out Cards Ahoy! on the official website, or join the community of followers on Twitter to stay updated on all the latest developments.