The Finals players think this Season 2 item is a great replacement for Recon Senses

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The Dematerializer was introduced in The Finals Season 2 update and allows the user to create temporary holes in the arena construction. This has completely changed the way the game is played as now players can create new routes which can be used as a way to escape opponents or attack them while they are unsuspecting. The Recon Senses stabilization was removed from The Finals once the Dematerializer was introduced and many players think this was the correct move by Embark Studios.

Recon Senses let players see opponents through walls and ceilings, creating a temporary wall hack which gave an incredibly unfair advantage to the player using it, whereas the Dematerializer focuses more on creating new strategies for players to use. The Finals players have taken to Reddit to compare the two, and the consensus is that the Dematerializer is one of the best items currently in the game. U/-BasedBot- called the Dematerializer “dope as hell” while noting that it has a lot of potential for funny moments and the ability to out play other players.

The Dematerializer seems to see it’s potential in modes such as Cashout where it can be used to steal cash from players, making for a lot of tense moments as opponents know that they could be hit by disappearing walls and floors at any moments. Many players don’t seem to mind facing the Dematerializer and falling victim to it, which is a breath of fresh air as usually players praise it when they are using it but complain when it is used against them, so that is the sign of a good item. This is certainly one of the better changes that Embark Studios has made with Season 2.

Image via Embark Studios

Although the Dematerializer may be one of the best additions of season 2, many players of The Finals have called it the best shooter on the market today, despite the hype having died off and the game lost 67% of its players. The Finals is still seeing regular updates, with the latest bringing back the Cashout game mode, one of the most fun in the game.

So, if you haven’t had an opportunity to play The Finals yet, now is a great time to jump into the free-to-play competitive shooter. We recommend checking out our guides for the best light builds, best medium builds, and best heavy builds so you can create the best loadouts for your play style.