Into the Light Livestream Set for March 26th, Showcases New Social Space and Weapons

Bungie finally revealed the main content of Destiny 2: Into the Light, a free update for all players, and it’s essentially Horde mode. Players battle against waves of the Hive and Taken, completing objectives as the difficulty rises. However, what can they earn as rewards?

In the latest “This Week in Destiny“, the developer confirmed its second livestream for March 26th at 10 AM PT. It will showcase BRAVE Arsenal weapons (which could be doled out by Shaxx), the new social space and other new rewards. Players will also get a look at the new Year 1-inspired armor.

Into the Light goes live on April 9th and is the lead-up to the launch of The Final Shape, the last chapter in the Light and Darkness saga. It’s out June 4th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC, though there are alleged concerns that it could under-perform and lead to more layoffs at Bungie. Stay tuned for more updates and details in the meantime.