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What are the Anime Roulette Rarest Auras at this current time? Well, they can all be found in this guide! Some entries may be removed when new and rarer auras are introduced into the game.

Visit the Anime Roulette Roblox page to try your luck! Speaking of luck, if you want to give it a boost in-game, take a look at our Anime Roulette Super Rolls guide, our Anime Roulette Items guide, and our Anime Roulette Luck Buffs guide.

Anime Roulette Rarest Auras

New auras will be added to the game over time, but for now, the auras down below are the rarest to obtain in Anime Roulette. I add new entries regularly as soon as they’re released in-game, so don’t forget to bookmark this guide!

Ultra Instinct

So, what’s the rarity of the rarest aura in Anime Roulette right now? It’s 50,000,000! I will say, this aura looks really cool in-game, with a smooth violet shade and spinning rings. There are sparkles across it, which gives it the appearance of a galaxy.

If you want this aura, you’re either going to have to be extremely lucky in your rolls or utilise the best luck-boosting items and events. For the highest amount of luck during a weather event, you’re going to be looking out for the Sakura weather type. This turns all trees and bushes pink and increases your luck by 200%.

Joy Boy

The Joy Boy aura is the second-rarest in the game at this current time, with a 40,000,000 drop rate chance. The title above your head is blue, except for the B which is red. Debris flies around, as bubbles float, and misty water swirls beneath your feet.

If you couldn’t tell already, this aura is based on the One Piece franchise! You even get a foamy cloud accessory over your shoulders. It only has a difference of 10,000,000 when compared to Ultra Instinct, so I would suggest using Super Rolls or Show Time Luck for a larger boost.

King of Curses

If you’ve read or watched Jujutsu Kaisen, you’ll know what this one is. The King of Curses is a reference to everyone’s favourite villain, Sukuna. It has a 27,500,000 chance to drop, and it gives your character a certain presence in-game, to say the least.

Slashes surround you in all directions, as smokey flames float around, and sparks fly. I recommend looking out for the Culling Games event, as this increases the chance of all Jujutsu Kaisen-inspired auras of appearing as you roll.

God Hand

It’s gonna take some Blood and Guts for this one (if you know, you know). To obtain this aura, you need to successfully roll with a 1 in 25,000,000 chance. While there’s no God Hand in sight, this aura is clearly inspired by Berserk.

With the eclipsed moon hovering above your head, dark spikes shooting out from the ground, and a dark mist that surrounds you. Oh, and you have the Behelit necklace on too! Obtaining the God Hand is no small feat, as it requires a rare event called The Eclipse to significantly boost its drop rate.