Albion Online Foundations update adds Siege Banners and Spectator Mode

Build fortifications with your guild to strengthen your territory.

  • The foundations’ update will launch on April 15th.
  • The new update adds a Spectator Mode.
  • Build fortifications with your guild and raise siege banners to weaken enemy fortifications.

Mobile MMORPG Albion Online has announced that its next major update, Foundations, will launch next month. Launching April 15th, Foundations will introduce several new features to the game. Albion Online’s Foundations update promises to shake up the game’s warfare with features like Siege Banners and Fortifications.

Fortifications are new upgradable territory defences that reward guilds for the resources and time they put into upgrading them. This new feature makes it more difficult to raid and conquer territory, adding a new layer of strategy to territory battles.

Siege Banners aim to enhance territory warfare and are now required for raiding or conquering territories. You can raise a siege banner near an enemy territory to weaken its defences over time. This makes fortifications vulnerable and offers combat boosts to the attacking guild and its allies.

The new update also brings Spectator mode to the popular MMORPG, letting you view your Custom Matches without participating. The new feature aims to allow streamers to broadcast Custom Matches to their followers. In addition, Spectator Mode lets users run their own tournaments of varying sizes.

When Foundations launches, you’ll be able to nab three new Crystal Weapons. The Artic Staff lets you launch icicles at your foes, while the Phantom Twinblade can summon swarms of phantoms. Finally, the Crystal Reaper Axe provides you with a powerful dash ability that also reduces the cooldown of your other spells.

Two new Hammer spells are also joining the game via the Foundations update. Deal heavy damage by swinging your hammer into enemies with the new Powerful Swing spell. The Seismic Tremor spell lets you slam your hammer into the ground again and again, increasing damage across a widening area.

Warriors running toward screen with soldiers behind them carrying a Seige Banner

With the new update, Albion Online Prime Times will offer constant action. Further, the number of Prime Times per server is being lowered to six, all of which will better focus on the server’s peak periods of play.
The upcoming update also improves tracking, especially for solo hunters, and adds new spell icons for multiple spells. Further, the update includes crafting requirements and combat balance adjustments.