Where To Find Ulrika (Readvent of Calamity Quest)

The Readvent of Calamity Quest will take some time to complete in Dragon’s Dogma 2, as players need to fight a dragon and search for Ulrika with no leads on her location. Additionally, a second Quest will be triggered while trying to finish the Readvent of Calamity, which adds to the reason for it being a lengthy Quest.

Players need to travel to Melve many times as well as another village to proceed with this Quest. Additionally, you also need to defeat formidable foes, so make sure to hire the correct Pawns in Dragon’s Dogma 2 before going on this adventure.



Dragon’s Dogma 2: Grand Riftstone Of Vermund’s Secret Treasure (Silver Rapier, Savant’s Boots, And Ferrystone)

Dragon’s Dogma 2 players can find Silver Rapier early in the game by discovering a secret treasure in the vicinity of Grand Riftstone of Vermund.

How To Trigger The Readvent Of Calamity Quest In Dragon’s Dogma 2

head to melve in dragons dogma 2

To trigger the Readvent Of Calamity Quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2, players must visit Melve after a few days of going to Vernworth. Once you go to the capital and talk with a few NPCs, take an Oxcart back to Melve to witness a dragon attacking the village for the second time.

Help the villagers fight the dragon, and once it becomes weakened, the monster will fly away. Now that the dragon has fled, the Readvent of Calamity Quest will trigger, and your next objective is to visit Melve from time to time to check on it. There is no certain period as players can rest at Melve and proceed with the Quest, or come back after unlocking Battahl to continue.

How To Complete The Readvent Of Calamity Quest In Dragon’s Dogma 2

ulrika and martin speaking in dragons dogma 2

Head to Ulrika’s house in Melve to find her having a heated discussion with one of the Queen’s people, Martin. He blames her for the dragon attacks as well as the resulting casualties. When Ulrika tries to defend herself, Martin accuses her of treason and goes to inform the Queen regent.

ulrika running away and lennart requesting to find her in dragons dogma 2

Speak with Ulrika, who says she has a lot on her mind and can’t have a conversation, but she invites you to stay the night. The next morning, there is a commotion outside Ulrika’s house as Martin is looking for her, and she seems to have run away to spare the village from the Queen regent’s wrath. Lennart can’t go and look for her since Melve is now under the Queen’s control with no leader, so he asks you to find her.

Where To Find Ulrika In Dragon’s Dogma 2

where to find ulrika in dragons dogma 2

To find Ulrika during the Readvent of Calamity Quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you must head to Harve Village. If it’s the first time going there, the Arisens need to travel by foot. But if they have visited the village before and activated the Portcrystal, use a Ferrystone to fast travel if you desire.

ulrika fighting with harve village leader in dragons dogma 2

Once you arrive, two people will be fighting over saving someone who got stuck inside the Stormwind Cave, and Ulrika will join the fight. She says that it’s wrong to give up on the people of the village and asks anyone willing to join her in the search. This will trigger the Trouble on the Cape Quest, and completing said Quest is essential to finish the Readvent of Calamity.

How To Complete The Trouble On The Cape Quest In Dragon’s Dogma 2

where to find the missing villager in dragons dogma 2

Meet with Ulrika in the Stormwind Cave and guide her to the missing villager. Upon entering the cave, walk through the long and narrow tunnel while fighting Saurians along the way, until you reach a bigger area. Climb the slope to the left and go through another tunnel full of Saurians eggs. Once you see a treasure chest, take the path to the right and fight the enemies to find the missing villager there.

guide the villagers outside the cave in dragons dogma 2

Guide the party out of the cave and listen to Ulrika speak with the villager leader. He will give up his position to Ulrika as she is more fitting for the role, which completes the Trouble on the Cape Quest. Finally, return to Melve village and tell Lennart that Ulrika is fine to finish the Readvent of Calamity Quest. You will receive 2000 XP, Ring of Grit, and 4500 Gold.

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