How to Get Wraithlord’s Harbour

As befits the hack-and-slash genre, Last Epoch has a large number of different gear. They differ in rarity, stats, and class affiliation. Therefore, if you prefer to play as Acolyte, then you should definitely find out how to get Wraithlord’s Harbor in Last Epoch.

Wraithlord’s Harbor is a Unique Helmet created specifically for Acolyte characters. In addition to the fact that it significantly boosts the Summon Wraith ability, this helmet also has a special creation story, as David Harbor had a hand in it.


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How to Get Wraithlord’s Harbour in Last Epoch

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Unfortunately, Wraithlord’s Harbor does not drop from bosses. Instead, like most Unique Items, it can be found randomly. However, there are a few tricks that can help you slightly increase your chances of getting this rare drop. So, to get Wraithlord’s Harbor in Last Epoch, you must clear locations in which the Helmets drop rate is increased, such as in Monolith of Fate.

But it is important to note that you need to do this at the right time, namely The Black Sun timeline. This way, players can farm various Sets or Unique Helms, including Wraithlord’s Harbor. But to access there, you need to be level 66 or higher.

Another way is to purchase the Focusing Lens of the Crown. This item is sold by Galila in the Observatory. With its help, you can increase the chance of obtaining Prophecy for Helmets in the Dysis Telescope.

Finally, the third way to obtain Wraithlord’s Harbor in the Last Epoch is by using the Rune of Ascendance in the Forge. Although the result depends on the randomness, you may be lucky and get a Wraithlord’s Harbor instead of any helmet of lower rarity.


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Last Epoch: Wraithlord’s Harbor Stats

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The main feature of Wraithlord’s Harbor in Last Epoch is its ability to summon Wraithlord instead of Wraith. Wraithlord can also summon a Wraith and attack enemies with a Necrotic Beam. In addition, this Unique Helmet can have excellent stats:

  • Increased Armor (+137)
  • Increased Cooldown Recovery (+7% to 13%)
  • Increased Minion Cooldown Recovery (+13% to 23%)
  • Increased Minion Movement Speed (+28% to 48%)
  • Increased Level of Summon Wraith (+1)
  • Increased Minion Spell Damage (+6 to 13)
  • Increased Minion Melee Damage (+6 to 13)

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Wraithlord’s Harbor in Last Epoch. The Helmet is perfect for the Acolyte class.

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February 21, 2024

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