How to Get Heavy Furnace (& How to Use it)

The Heavy Furnace is an upgrade to the regular furnace in Stardew Valley. Here’s how you can get one for your farm.

The Heavy Furnace is one of the many new pieces of farm equipment that made its way to Stardew Valley in Update 1.6. It is essentially an improved version of the regular furnace which is used to smelt down metal ores into bars.

The Heavy Furnace is more efficient than the regular one because it can smelt a larger quantity of ore in a single operation. Despite requiring more materials upfront, the Heavy Furnace saves time in the long run by yielding more metal bars in one go. If you’re wondering how to get a Heavy Furnace for your farm, read on.


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How To Unlock Heavy Furnace Recipe

The crafting recipe for a Heavy Furnace is unlocked once players achieve Mining Mastery. Once you max out all five skills, you’ll get access to the Mastery Cave where you can find five mastery totems, one for each skill.

The Mining Mastery totem can be claimed once you achieve 10,000 Mastery Points. It grants the following:

  • Heavy Furnace recipe.
  • Statue Of The Dwarf King recipe.
  • Gem Nodes yield twice as many gems as before.

How to Craft Heavy Furnace

After you’ve unlocked the Heavy Furnace recipe, you can easily craft it by collecting the following materials:

  • 2 Furnaces.
  • 3 Iron Bars.
  • 50 Stones.

The crafting recipe for a regular furnace is obtained from Clint, the Blacksmith, after collecting 1+ Copper Ore. It requires 20 Copper Ores and 25 Stones. You can acquire both of these resources by mining copper nodes and rocks, respectively.

How To Use Heavy Furnace

Similar to how the standard furnace works, the Heavy Furnace can smelt ores or quartz using coal as fuel. The smelting operation requires three units of Coal, regardless of the material or duration.

The table below contains a list of all the items that can be smelted down using a Heavy Furnace, along with their processing times and sell prices.

Input Output Processing Time Sell Price Per Unit Total Sell Price
5 Quartz 5 Refined Quartz 1 hour 30 minutes 50g 250g
5 Fire Quartz 15 Refined Quartz 1 hour 30 minutes 50g 750g
25 Copper Ore 5 Copper Bars 30 minutes 60g 300g
25 Iron Ore 5 Iron Bars 2 hours 120g 600g
25 Gold Ore 5 Gold Bars 5 hours 250g 1,250g
25 Iridium Ore 5 Iridium Bars 8 hours 1,000g 5,000g
25 Radioactive Ore 5 Radioactive Bars 9 hours 20 minutes 3,000g 15,000g

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