Pokemon Fans Create Incredible ‘Pokebug Boxes’ Using Real-Life Bugs


  • Two Pokemon fans created Pokebug boxes using real pinned bugs such as the blue morpho butterfly and the five-horned rhino beetle.
  • Incorporating outside interests, like bugs, into Pokemon creations stands out in the fandom.
  • The creators aim to eventually sell Pokebug boxes, combining real bugs and Pokemon card aesthetics.

Two Pokemon fans online have shared their amazing “Pokebug boxes,” which they have created using real-life bugs. There’s something about Pokemon that seems to bring out the most creative sides of gamers, and these Pokebug boxes are a great example of this.

The Pokemon fandom is renowned for its incredible creativity, with tons of interesting fan creations over the years. Some fans choose to combine their own interests alongside Pokemon, which often results in the best types of artwork. One gamer even designed an impressive Pokemon ghost-type tarot card deck, which is a great example of how outside interests can be used to make Pokemon more interesting than it already is. Because there are so many fan creations out there, standing out from the crowd can prove a challenge nowadays. These Pokebug boxes certainly achieve that.


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A Pokemon fan makes an incredible old-school Pokemon discovery in a dumpster that could potentially be worth hundreds of dollars.

Redditor platonicplacebo shared their Pokebug box creation with the Pokemon community online. According to platonicplacebo, they like laser cutting, while their friend enjoys pinning bugs. Combining the two, they were able to create these amazing Pokebug boxes, which put pinned bugs into a box that resembles authentic Pokemon cards. It’s such a cool idea, and even uses real facts in place of the Pokemon abilities on the front of the card.

Pokemon Pokebug Boxes Fan Creation

These particular creations show off both the blue morpho butterfly and the five-horned rhino beetle, alongside some fascinating facts about both. According to platonicplacebo, the pair are trying to figure out the logistics of being able to sell the Pokebug boxes, so while they’re not available yet, they may be in the future. It’s likely that they’ll keep using real-life pinned bugs for these creations, although it would be extremely cool to see this concept done with replicas of popular bug-type Pokemon.

With new generations of players joining every year, Pokemon is only continuing to grow in popularity. It’s hard to believe, considering the franchise is nearing three decades old, but gamers just keep coming back for more with Pokemon​​​​​​. Although Pokemon TCG sales are down after Scarlet and Violet‘s release, the games continue to sell in enormous numbers. Game Freak has already announced the next game to be released in the series, Pokemon Legends: Z-A, which is currently slated for a 2025 launch and is set to bring players back to Lumiose City from the Kalos region. Because of the sheer volume of content in the series, it just always feels like a great time to be a Pokemon fan.



Pokemon is a franchise that needs no introduction. One of the most successful media empires in history, Pokemon spans games, television, films, manga, merchandise, music, and more.

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