Backbone complete its lineup of 2nd Generation products with the arrival of the updated Lightning controllers

With all the ports of big AAA games that have been coming to mobile, it is becoming more convenient than ever to own a good controller, and to help with this Backbone has announced the completion of their 2nd generation product lineup with their Lighting connection counterparts.

At this point I am sure we have all heard of Backbone, they make some pretty decent hardware that is shaped like the standard console controller for that familiar feel. Style-wise it seems that the 2nd generation hasn’t changed much, but inside there have been some innovations.

To round off their catalogue of 2nd Generation devices, you can now pick up the flagship controllers in their Lightning connection version, in either the standard black style or the PlayStation edition which is white and has the shape buttons. It is worth stating that they both cost the same, and the Lightning versions both have access to PS Remote play, unlike the USB-C editions where only the PlayStation edition does, so your choice can be down to style alone.

To help handle stability during those particularly intense gaming sessions, new magnetic adapters will also support a few phone cases. There are also improved ergonomic design for comfort, a reshaped D-Pad, and a few other nifty tricks up its sleeves.

If you already have one of the current models and have signed up for Backbone+, you will be pleased to know that you will automatically receive a 30% discount when picking up one of these new models, and you don’t even need to trade in your old one. Perfect if you are looking to upgrade to a 2nd gen device.

To pick up one of these new 2nd Generation Lightning Backbone Ones, or indeed anything from their lineup, head over to their website now and grab one for $99.99.