Terrible The Finals weapon desperately needs buffs as even headshots are useless

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The Finals yesterday received its first update following the release of Season 2. This update provided many fixes and tweaks, while also improving private matches and the new 5v5 mode, Power Shift. While many of the fixes and improvements are well received, fans cannot believe Embark Studios has not given any buffs to this terrible The Finals weapon that is even useless with headshots.

You can find the full The Finals update 2.1.0 patch notes online to see everything that was fixed and tweaked. In addition to this patch, there was also a store update that added an item wanted by fans. Season 2 has been great so far, and this is because of all of the new gadgets and gizmos along with the new map and new 5v5 mode.

However, while Season 2 has added lots of good, it has also added a new shotgun fans believe is deplorably useless as even headshots are laughably weak.

The Finals KS-23 slug shotgun is useless with headshots

The KS-23 Slug shotgun was introduced as part of the new weapons for The Finals Season 2. Below are all the new weapons that were added for each class:

  • Light – 93R burst-fire machine pistol
  •  Medium – FAMAS burst assault rifle
  •  Heavy – KS-23 slug shotgun

Unfortunately, unlike the other two, the KS-23 slug shotgun has been criticized heavily by the online community. We previously reported how fans have dubbed it ‘awful,’ but now it’s come to light that the gun is so useless that even headshots are ineffective.

Taking to Reddit, CroticNyxi posted screenshots of headshots in practice mode using the KS-23 shotgun. Their Reddit post asks fans if they ‘Were aware that headshots do nothing with the KS-23 slug shotgun,’ and this is illustrated by the intact dummy after being shot in the face.

Headshots do show in practice mode, so the ineffectiveness of the weapon is accurately displayed away from online matches. One user replied ‘It takes 3 shots to kill a medium because of no headshot multiplier… It is absolutely dogs**t’. Another replied ‘It does the headshot damage of a revolver on a body shot,’ to which the OP replied ‘It’s like they [Embark Studios] don’t know what a Slug Shotgun is and didn’t test the gun before releasing it’.

Aside from the awful damage falloff, other complaints about the weapon include its horrific accuracy along with it being terrible at range as a projectile. It is a weapon awfully in need of buffs, but unfortunately, the only weapon that received balance changes in update 2.1.0 was the SA1216 with a couple of nerfs.

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