Stardew Valley: How To Maximize Spring


  • Foraging in
    Stardew Valley’s
    Spring season is a cost-effective strategy to complete the community center and build friendships.
  • Growing Spring crops like strawberries can earn players a lot of gold with minimal effort, helping them through the year.
  • Fishing in Spring can be profitable and beneficial for completionists, providing a quiet and productive way to maximize the season.

Stardew Valley is a game with so much to do that players can get lost and not know how best to maximize each season of the year. With the new 1.6 update, this has only become more confusing, as new things have been added and there have been tweaks to a lot of existing gameplay aspects. Despite how enjoyable the game can be, if players don’t know what to do in each season, it can become a slog to be successful.


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With this in mind, players may be wondering how best to maximize the first season in the game, which is Spring. There is so much to do in this bright, sunny season, and with conscious and smart choices, players can get the most out of this time of the year.

7 Forage

Spring Is A Fantastic Foraging Season In Stardew Valley

The farmer standing in front of a flower that can be foraged

Spring is an excellent season for foraging in Stardew Valley, so players should not miss out on this activity. There are plenty of flowers and fruits that spawn in the world, so players can just wander the town and pick up these items. These forage items make great gifts for some of the townies, but they can also be used to complete sets in the community center when it becomes available to the player. The best thing about this activity is that it uses no energy, but items like spring onions can be consumed to give the player a boost of energy.


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Foraging is a great way to maximize the Spring season in Stardew Valley because it costs the player nothing in terms of energy, but has so many benefits that it becomes a legitimate early-game strategy to complete the community center, build friendships with the townies, and keep energy up.

6 Grow Spring Crops

Spring Crops Offer Players A Lot Of Gold For Their Effort

The player standing in their patch of parsnips in front of their small cabin

There are a variety of Spring crops available in the season in Stardew Valley, and players should spend time on cultivating these crops to maximize Spring the best. Players should use the Spring season to grow their farm from the early game plants like parsnips to the later year options like garlic. The best Spring crop are arguably strawberries, so players should attend the Egg Festival and stock up on their seeds for the following year.

Farming is the core gameplay element of Stardew Valley, and players should not ignore this, despite more and more activities opening up as the game progresses. Spring crops sell for a lot of gold without too much effort required, so it is a great strategy to accrue gold to get players through the rest of the year.

5 Fishing

Spring Has Many Unique Fish For Players To Catch

The player standing on the bridge towards the beach fishing in the river

Although fishing is not a favorite activity for many Stardew Valley players, it is still a good way to maximize the Spring season. Many fish are available during Spring, but are not available again until Fall or Winter, meaning it’s best to attempt to get these fish as early as possible, so players have more chances of catching them. Fishing can quickly become a profitable enterprise, even in the early game, so players shouldn’t overlook this activity.

Fishing is a great way to maximize Spring in Stardew Valley, especially for completionist players, who can start catching all the fish early in the year and work towards that goal for longer. Fishing builds up gold quickly and doesn’t take too much energy, so the Spring days are perfect for a quiet fishing trip.

Upgrading Tools Is A Great Investment That Will Help In Later Seasons

The player standing in the blacksmith with the copper axe newly in their inventory

Upgrading tools is often put off by Stardew Valley players, but it should be done as early in the year as possible to maximize the Spring season. The upgraded tools are worth all the effort it takes to upgrade them, as they take a lot of the work out of the farming process. Players can do more while consuming less energy with upgraded tools, which is key for Spring, when players will be growing plants and chopping wood a lot.

Upgrading tools is a key way to maximize Spring in Stardew Valley, because it will massively increase the player’s output during this season and in subsequent seasons as well. Players will be surprised by how much more they can do just by upgrading to copper tools, and as the upgrades get better and better, the seasons will become that much more productive.

3 Clear The Farm

Clearing The Farm ASAP Is Key

The player standing on a clear section of farm in Stardew Valley

Players may not be too excited by this idea, but clearing the farm as early as possible in Spring in Stardew Valley is a brilliant way of maximizing the season. Getting the farm as clear and clean as possible is key to maximizing the its output, as players will be able to use their space a lot more efficiently once they actually have that space available. Many players underestimate how much space the mess at the beginning of the game uses, so they will be surprised once it’s all cleared out.

Clearing the farm is no one’s favorite activity in Stardew Valley, no matter what farm map they choose, but it will help the player maximize Spring once it’s done. Spending days cleaning everything up may take a lot of energy, but it will give the player so much more space to work with. This opens more doors later in the game, as players will be able to put more on their farm.

2 Fix The Beach Bridge

Fixing The Beach Bridge Opens Up A New Section Of The Map

The player standing on the fixed beach bridge while it rains in Stardew Valley

Fixing the beach bridge in early Spring is not something a lot of players think of in Stardew Valley, but more players should look at it as a way to maximize Spring. This opens up a new section of the map with more space for players to work with, and more forage items will spawn, which means players can gather more items from this section of the map. There are also more areas provided by doing this, and in general, the expansion of the map is invaluable in Spring.


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Fixing the beach bridge is very rarely a priority for players in Stardew Valley. However, it allows the player to maximize Spring even more than before, as it opens up more space for players to do all the same activities. The investment is not too big, as with only 300 Wood this new area opens up, so players should consider doing this as early as possible.

1 Fix The Mine Cart

Fixing The Mine Cart Is Easiest To Do In Spring And Will Help Through The Year

The player standing next to the minecart next to the blacksmith

Finally, fixing the mine cart is another way of maximizing Spring in Stardew Valley, as players underestimate how much time they will lose by walking everywhere all the time. This is easy to do in Spring, even in Spring year one, as players need to complete the Boiler Room bundle to do so, and with the mines opening on Day 5 of Spring year one, players can get on this task early. The bundles are very easy to complete before Spring’s end, and this will set players up for the rest of the year.

Fixing the mine cart is something most Stardew Valley players will try and do as fast as possible, simply because of the amount of time lost by walking back to the farm every night. Not only does it allow players to squeeze more into their days, but it sets the player up for the rest of the seasons to come.

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February 26, 2016


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