New Rainbow Six Siege Halo Crossover Makes a Neat Reference to Reach


  • Kelly-087’s “Remember Reach” reference in Rainbow Six Siege taps into Halo nostalgia.
  • The small message may have come from a shotgun featured in a previous Halo game.
  • The inclusion of crossover characters in Rainbow Six Siege appeals to fans of other franchises and keeps the game fresh.

The new Halo crossover for Rainbow Six Siege contains a cool reference to Reach, one of the main planets from the Halo series. Although the addition of Spartan Kelly-087 to Rainbow Six Siege was the main attraction of this crossover, it seems there are a few secrets hidden away, too.

The first Halo crossover for Rainbow Six Siege arrived in September 2023, bringing the iconic Master Chief into the game. Although on paper, it may seem like an odd crossover, it proved popular, and the recent release of Kelly-087 followed for Frost. Ultimately, there’s nothing wrong with a game not taking itself too seriously, and that’s exactly what’s happening here, with Frost players able to use the popular Spartan in-game.


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Redditor Striking-Fan-7574 noticed the interesting reference in Rainbow Six Siege‘s new Halo crossover, and shared it with the online community. On the side of Kelly-087’s shotgun is a small message, reading, “Remember Reach.” This was a huge tagline throughout Halo: Reach‘s marketing campaign, and appeared multiple times as graffiti throughout 2009’s Halo 3: ODST. It was a phrase that became synonymous with some of the best Halo games, which is why its appearance in Rainbow Six Siege might bring about a wave of nostalgia for some players.

Rainbow Six Siege Halo Crossover Reach Reference

Some eagle-eyed players in the thread noticed that the shotgun being used is actually the Oathsworn, as it appears in Halo 5: Guardians. In that game, the Oathsworn shotgun also has the “Remember Reach” text, so it seems that this cool Reach reference may actually be a happy accident from a previous Halo title. Others in the thread took the opportunity to speak about other characters they’d like to see arrive in Rainbow Six Siege as a result of the Halo collaboration. Names mentioned included Emile and Noble Six from Halo: Reach, both of whom seem like a perfect choice to bring to one of the best tactical shooters on the market right now.

With Rainbow Six Siege first being released in 2015, these types of interesting crossovers are a great way to bring in players from other franchises, while keeping the game itself feeling fresh and interesting. It may not make the most sense lore-wise, but for many, that doesn’t always matter. After recent comments from Rainbow Six Siege‘s director, it seems as though Ubisoft is planning for the game to have a long future ahead yet. The game remains one of the premier tactical shooters, so realistically, it isn’t in dire need of a sequel any time soon. Because of this, players should expect to receive a bunch more interesting crossovers over the next few years.

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