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The Hade’s RNG Combat feature is a unique one, to say the least! Not only do you collect auras that are visually impressive, but they also allow you to deal damage.

Head to the official Roblox page to try the combat! Want the strongest auras to give you a boost in battle? Take a look at our Hade’s RNG Rarest Auras guide to find out more.

Hade’s RNG Combat

Unlike other games that fall under this genre, Hade’s RNG includes combat! The auras you obtain come with special move sets that you can use whilst battling. No matter the numeric drop rate chance, every aura has at least one unique rarity-exclusive ability (more on that below!).

We can assume that the rarer auras are more powerful, which gives them quite the upper hand in combat. Still, it gives you another incentive to obtain them instead of just solely because of how they look.

It’s a bit of a mystery right now, as the game is still in development, but we do know that PvP is a definite feature. However, it’s not known if PvE is in Hade’s RNG just yet. To enable the PvP mode, you can switch it on via the settings.

I just hope that it’s at least balanced, as auras with drop rates in the millions are going to be pretty OP over those in the hundreds and even thousands.

The Combat Mechanics

There are some mechanics already implemented in the game, so let’s take a look at them!

  • M1
    • All auras of any rarity can use this one
    • Strikes the enemy a total of 4 times
    • Stuns enemy for a short period of time and has a knockback effect
    • The enemy can block 3 of the strikes, but cannot block the final one
  • Dash
    • Dashes for 0.5 seconds
    • Has a 1 second cooldown period
    • Hit C to dash
  • Block
    • Blocks oncoming attacks
    • Can be cancelled with certain abilities
    • Hit F on your keyboard to block attacks

Rarity-exclusive Abilites

Auras that have a drop rate chance between 5 and 249 have 2 abilities, those between 250 and 999 have 3 abilities, and auras that have a rarity between 1,000+ get 4 abilities!

  • Rare Auras
  • Uncommon Auras
  • Common Auras
  • Good Aura
    • Good Patience
    • Good Barrage