Gamer Designs Impressive Pokemon Ghost-Type Tarot Card Deck


  • A talented fan reimagines ghost-type Pokemon as tarot cards, showcasing creativity and love for the series.
  • Highlights include Mimikyu as The Fool, and Decidueye as The Hanged Man, dangling from a Dhelmise.
  • Future Pokemon tarot card ideas include Chandelure, Litwick, and Golurk, promising more creative designs to come.

A talented Pokemon fan online has shared their impressive pieces of artwork, which reimagines many of the series’ ghost-types as if they were part of a tarot card deck. Pokemon fan art gets more creative as the years go on, and this is another great example of that.

Fans have been passionate about Pokemon ever since it was first released, all the way back in 1996. As a result, there’s an enormous amount of fan art for the series, which can make it difficult to stand out from the crowd, even with something unique. The fact that the number of Pokemon recently passed the 1000 mark doesn’t help either, with plenty of new designs for fans to create artwork of. This does mean that there are plenty of different designs for talented artists to put their own spin on, such as the Pokemon fan who reimagined Gengar’s evolution line in a rubberhose cartoon style.


Pokemon Fan Reimagines Legendary Bird Trio in Rubberhose Cartoon Style

An artist reimagines the legendary birds of Pokemon Red and Blue in original art as a black and white 1930s rubberhose cartoon trio.

Redditor zanevikart shared their amazing artwork with the Pokemon community online, which displays many of the series’ best ghost-type Pokemon and turns them into a tarot card deck. Thematically, it’s amazing. Artistically, it’s even better. Highlights include Mimikyu as The Fool, staring into a dark night sky, and Decidueye as The Hanged Man, dangling upside down from a Dhelmise. The attention to detail is incredible, with many in the thread pointing out Giratina’s presence on some of the cards, like, in the words of one user, “a looming shadow waiting to be freed.”

Pokemon Ghost-Type Tarot Card Deck

With the collection not yet technically finished by zanevikart, others in the thread had some great ideas for potential future tarot cards. The creator did confirm that plans for Chandelure, Litwick, and Golurk are underway, although it isn’t clear when they plan to have the next set finished. Because ghost-types have some of the best Pokemon designs in the entire series, there’s so much potential for what zanevikart could do with this project in the future.

Despite being almost three decades old now, Pokemon remains as popular as ever, and is now completely ingrained in pop culture. The games are always a guaranteed hit for Game Freak, while the anime continues to attract plenty of viewers. On the games side, there’s plenty to be excited about in the Pokemon franchise. A tease for Pokemon Legends: Z-A was recently discovered in Scarlet and Violet, giving players a hint of a possible connection to come between the games. With something new always on the way from Pokemon, it’s always a great time to be a fan of the series.



Pokemon is a franchise that needs no introduction. One of the most successful media empires in history, Pokemon spans games, television, films, manga, merchandise, music, and more.

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