Elden Ring Player Beats Malenia With a Broken Arm and a Level 1 Character

An Elden Ring player sets a new benchmark for Malenia challenge runs by beating her with a broken arm at Rune Level 1.


  • Beating Malenia at Rune Level 1 with a broken arm is a remarkable achievement that was recently shared within the Elden Ring community.
  • Fans are impressed by the dedication of the player, who used the Star Fist strategy, to overcome the difficult boss.
  • The upcoming Shadow of Erdtree DLC is expected to bring even tougher challenges for players, assuming it follows the DLC trend of previous FromSoftware games.

An Elden Ring player has achieved the mind-boggling feat of single-handedly beating Malenia at Rune Level 1, quite literally. While the Elden Ring community is quite well acquainted with some outlandish challenges, this seems to have taken it to a different league altogether.

The battle against Malenia has been one of the most talked about aspects of Elden Ring ever since the game’s launch. Despite being an optional boss, the fight is so difficult that many players end up attempting it hundreds of times before proving to be victorious. The struggles of the community also led to the rise of Let Me Solo Her, a player whose sole purpose was to help fellow Tarnished in the community in defeating Malenia. With the release of the Shadow of Erdtree DLC drawing closer, many players are replaying the game, and in the process, finding fresh ways to deal with Malenia and her infamous Waterfowl Dance. But for those looking for a greater challenge, this player seems to have set a new benchmark.



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On the Elden Ring subreddit, user BoopNotFound recently posted a picture of them beating Malenia at Rune Level 1. While many have achieved this feat before, what makes this even more remarkable is that the player did this while recovering from a broken arm, which is highlighted by a picture of their arm cast. The player seems to be using the Star Fist against her, which is a popular strategy to take her down in low-level runs.

Elden Ring Player Sets A New Benchmark For Malenia Challenge Runs

The community is quite impressed with the dedication of the player, with a fan jokingly suggesting that they deliberately broke their arm to make the game more difficult. This is a reference to the numerous challenges that the Soulsborne community is well-known for, ranging from speedrunning the game to no-hit playthroughs. Some even playfully suggested that the run could be made even more difficult if the player wore a blindfold and did not use their other hand.

The fact that fans are fascinated by this sort of challenge speaks volumes about how difficult the accomplishment is, with it ranking alongside other unique community challenges like players beating Elden Ring using their minds or with a guitar controller. While Malenia’s difficulty has resulted in many sleepless nights for Elden Ring players, fans are eagerly looking forward to the new challenges the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC will bring. Historically, FromSoftware is known for making its DLCs significantly harder than the base game, so it shouldn’t be surprising to see the likes of Messmer being even more difficult than Malenia.

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February 25, 2022