Whiskers of Winter announced, coming in 2024

An ancient, blood-starved evil is rising in the North.

Tails of Iron 2

As the Future Games Show Spring Showcase 2024 drew to a close, UK-based independent game studio Odd Bug Studio and Polish publisher United Label officially unveiled, with a dedicated reveal trailer, Tails of Iron 2: Whiskers of Winter, the sequel to the highly acclaimed fantasy-medieval Action RPG with Souls-Like mechanics, chronicling the adventures of the fearless rat warrior Redgi.

“We are delighted to finally announce our return to Ratdom with Tails of Iron 2: Whiskers of Winter, and start a new ‘tail’ of bloodshed and medieval revenge. We wanted to build upon what we achieved with the first installment and create a game that was more than just a straightforward sequel,” stated Jack Bennett, Co-founder and Lead Designer at Odd Bug Studio.

“We took on board the incredible community feedback on the original game and set about crafting a more intense experience than its predecessor. The new gameplay mechanics, the addition of monster hunting side quests, together with improved crafting and base building, all work together to make Arlo’s crusade in the northern wastelands even more epic than King Redgi’s.”

The trailer, narrated by the ever-reliable Doug Cockle, the extraordinary actor, voice director, and California-based voice artist known for his numerous roles in the gaming and film industry, whom we’ll likely see once again as the omniscient narrator in the sequel, provides us with some initial insights into the new rat-odyssey we’ll embark upon.

As war rages in the south, where Redgi and the Rat army are striving to repel the assaults of Green Wart Warchief and push his forces back into the abyss, our focus shifts to the lands of the North. There, a chilling threat, dormant for ages as it gathered strength in the depths, stirs anew, ready to break free from its prison.

Tails of Iron 2

A relentless power that even frogs cannot endure, overwhelmed by the bloodied blades. A nightmare born from the bloodshed of battle, devoid of fear, hesitation, or weakness. Sharp ears, teeth like razors, mighty wings, and eyes soaked in death, with an insatiable thirst for blood. Yes, there’s no doubt, this is the scent of death.

With the populations of the North at the mercy of these abominations, who can stand against such a powerful force? A rat warrior, forged in the North and as cold as the snow blanketing these lands. A rat carved from iron, red for battle and unleashed in war. His name is Arlo.

In Tails of Iron 2: Whiskers of Winter, we’ll be thrust into a true parallel war, a War of the North, pitting Arlo and the northern populations and the Dark Wing Bats tribe. As revealed by Odd Bug Studio, the game will boast a semi-open world structure with six varied biomes to explore, and new animal factions to discover.

The development team’s goal is to build upon the successes of the first installment, but with added flair, starting with the combat system. It will faithfully follow the challenging and punishing standard of its predecessor, but with some innovations, including a revamped moveset and unique abilities for the new protagonist. Additionally, there will be three new devastating elemental effectsfire, ice, and electricity – in addition to the poison already featured in the first installment.

Not to mention the new mechanic that will significantly change the gameplay formula, called “monster hunting.” This feature will allow players to tip the balance against the new fanged army of Dark Wing Bats by tracking down and overcoming 15 gigantic and challenging beasts to harvest their corpses for rare upgrade materials.

Tails of Iron 2

And for all you décor fanatics out there, get ready. The new, massive settlement of Winter’s Edge will grant us access to a much broader and more substantial base building experience compared to the first installment, including the beloved powerful items from the smithy, tastier meals at the kitchen, and some exciting additions, such as a wide range of powerful traps from the shop, among many other surprises the developers can’t quite spill the beans on yet.

Oh, one more thing. Don’t forget to venture out of your settlement at night because, with the new day-night cycle implemented by Odd Bug Studio, you’ll encounter different and unique enemies depending on the time of day you visit a particular area. You know why, right? Bats aren’t particularly fond of daytime strolls!

Tails of Iron 2: Whiskers of Winter doesn’t have a release date yet, but it has been announced that it will be available later in 2024. The game will be released for all gaming consoles: Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

Before we leave you with the trailer, we remind you, as always, to visit the developers’ and publisher’s websites, and of course, to keep following us to not miss out on the latest news and updates on Tails of Iron 2.

That’s all for today. Enjoy the trailer!

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