The Next Animal Crossing Should Let Players Take a Walk in Tom Nook’s Shoes


  • Incorporating Tom Nook’s business skills in the next Animal Crossing could provide a unique gameplay twist.
  • The addition of business management mechanics could lead to more satisfying progression in the game.
  • Allowing players to take on Tom Nook’s role could offer a fresh experience for fans of the series.

The next Animal Crossing game could have a unique twist by taking inspiration from one of its most iconic characters, Tom Nook. Tom has been a consistent presence throughout the Animal Crossing series, often in a significant role. However, players have never really had a chance to play a role that’s anything like Tom himself. It would be a pretty significant departure from the Animal Crossing games, which have traditionally focused on building a home and living a slow-paced life in the village. However, it could also lead to an exciting new twist on the series’ dynamics.

There have been many memes about Animal Crossing‘s Tom Nook, but in general, his reputation has softened over the years. A tanuki who appears as a businessman in many iterations, he became infamous for his habit of giving players house loans, then upgrading their house after they paid it off, and starting the cycle again. After garnering a reputation as Animal Crossing‘s shadiest resident, fans would eventually lighten up towards him, especially as he got friendlier in later games. At this point, Tom Nook is an accepted figurehead for the franchise, and he acts well as a host of sorts for the framework of the respective games.


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Animal Crossing’s Next Installment Could Incorporate Tom Nook’s Business Skills

Tom Nook is Animal Crossing’s Most Famous Businessman

Tom Nook’s influence could help the next Animal Crossing feel unique by adding a bit of his own trade to the equation. Instead of simply living in a new town, the player could be in charge of a business as well, possibly to help the town’s economy and allow it to grow. This would be a perfect opportunity for Tom to act as a mentor to the players and help them learn how the business mechanics work in-game since he has been doing so for years. With this approach, Tom Nook could play a bigger role than simply being the tanuki in charge.

Running a Business in Animal Crossing Could Open New Possibilities

Adding business management to the formula could lead to excellent new mechanics in Animal Crossing. Players could hire villagers to work for them, each of whom has their own skills and attributes. Players could assign them to different duties, and their performance would contribute to the overall profit. The game could also feature mini-games for different jobs, either performed by the player or the assigned villager in question. This would add a lot of variety to the game, especially with different business types and jobs. Not to mention, it might provide a rare opportunity for players to directly play as a villager.

This take on Animal Crossing could also lead to more satisfying progression. Players could build up their Animal Crossing town as their business becomes more successful. They could earn more homes, decorations, and amenities for the town, and potentially some new business options as well. It would be a nice touch to see the town grow from a small city center to a large neighborhood, all while unlocking more styles, buildings, and decorations to work with. It would have the potential to be one of the most exciting Animal Crossing games yet, especially if it goes all out in terms of progression.

Adding business management to the formula could lead to excellent new mechanics in
Animal Crossing

Tom Nook could act as an inspiration for the direction of the next Animal Crossing. Not only would it make villagers a bigger part of Animal Crossing, but it would give the installment an entirely fresh coat of paint. It would give players a lot of new responsibilities, but also some new options and perks to make up for it. Fans of the series looking for something fresh could definitely get a lot out of it. Letting players play Tom Nook’s role in Animal Crossing could be a fun new twist.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the fifth major game in the Animal Crossing series. This slice-of-life simulation game tasks the player with developing an abandoned island into a small town for its resident villagers. The game was released at the start of worldwide lockdowns amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which catapulted it into massive success. It’s currently the best selling game of all time in Japan.

March 20, 2020

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons — Happy Home Paradise

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