The Finals players say this is the only weapon that needs to be nefed

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Balancing an online game is a never ending challenge for developers. As new weapons and items are added and metas are formulated, finding the right balance can be difficult to ensure nothing is either too weak or overpowered. A badly balanced game can hinder the user experience as well as cause players to only stick to one type of play style to stop being at a disadvantage against other players that follow the meta. The Finals is no exception, but in Season 2 it seems that Embark Studios has managed to successfully balance the game to provide the most fun experience for it’s players.

Players have taken to Reddit to discuss the current balancing of The Finals and the consensus is that there are very few weapons that need changing in Season 2, with only one being noted as being too overpowered. The FCAR is a tactical assault rifle used by Medium builds and is widely considered to be the most overpowered weapon in The Finals. It does have one disadvantage compared to many other assault rifles in that it has a small magazine size with just 20 rounds, but it’s low recoil and high damage output make it one of the best weapons in the game if you’re an accurate shooter. It has a DPS of 225 which means it can take down opponents very quickly.

Image via Embark Studios

When it comes to weapons that could benefit from a buff, the FAMAS is often mentioned by the community as needing one more burst shit worth of ammo, with many complaining they usually get an opponent to one-shot before running out of ammo. The Revolver is also mentioned by many as being difficult to use on controller, however when in the hands of a keyboard and mouse player it is regarded as one of the best weapons.

Regardless of your play style, there is a weapon and loadout to suit everyone in The Finals. If you’re struggling to figure out the best build and weapon choices, we highly recommend checking out our The Finals best Light build guide, best Medium build guide, and best Heavy build guide.