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Need a Solo Leveling Arise Reroll guide after pulling on the banner? There are 2 ways of doing it, with one of them being the preferred way!

Learn more about the world of Solo Leveling Arise via the game’s official website. Before rerolling, it’s a good idea to work out which characters and weapons are the best so far.

That’s why I suggest having a read of our Solo Leveling Arise Weapon Tier List and our Solo Leveling Arise Tier List that ranks all obtainable characters!

Solo Leveling Arise Reroll Guide

The reroll method for Solo Leveling Arise is incredibly easy, as long as you signed in with a guest account when you played through the tutorial! There are 2 methods of rerolling, with one for guest account players, and another for those who signed in with their email.

How to Reroll in Solo Leveling Arise

I’ll go over both methods of rerolling in Solo Leveling Arise. Each method depends on whether you initially signed in with a guest account or email!

Guest Account Reroll

This is the method that I recommend for all players! It’s quick, easy, and a lot less time-consuming than the Email Account Reroll method.

  • Sign into the game with a guest account
  • Complete the tutorial until you’re able to freely pull on the banner
    • You are given a guaranteed character (all players get the same one) before you can do this!
  • Once you have used up your summoning currency, and if you aren’t happy with the characters or weapons that you obtained, it’s time to start the reroll process
  • Head to the Settings menu by tapping the cog icon
  • Select the ‘Account Settings’ option
  • Tap ‘Restart Account’ underneath the ‘Sign in with email’ button
    • This will then allow you to restart your guest account, without having to play through the long tutorial again!
  • After skipping the tutorial, you will have gained a few levels, and you’ll be able to pull on the banner again once you claim any currency that the game has rewarded you with
    • Make sure to go to the ‘Tutorial’ section on the menu and claim all of the free currency!
  • Continue the process until you get the characters/weapons you want, and once that happens, you can bind your account to your email address, Google account, or Apple account

Email Account Reroll

Only pay attention to this method if you played the tutorial after signing in with your email address.

  • If you signed in with an email address, and you don’t like the weapons/characters that you got by pulling on the banner, it’s time to delete the account!
    • You can do this by clicking on the cog icon to open the settings, going to ‘Account Settings’, and then selecting the ‘Delete Account’ button
    • Please keep in mind that you cannot reuse this email for a while when making a fresh account, so you’ll have to use a different email address