Roblox One Fruit codes (March 2024)

Gift codes are an easy and efficient way to net yourself extra in-game rewards. Luckily, many Roblox experiences offer such codes to give you an advantage in-game. Among the variety of titles offering gift codes on Roblox is One Fruit.

By redeeming One Fruit codes, you can nab rewards such as time-limited coin boosts and daily coins. These codes are typically released via Theboss (Brandon)’s YouTube channel. Below, you’ll find a list of all the currently active gift codes for the game.

Working One Fruit codes

  • BOSSSTUDIOSEASTER – 120-minute boosts
  • EGGHUNTERS – 120-minute boosts
  • CAPTAINGOODBEARD – 50 Daily Coins and 60-minute boosts
  • ELECTRICRABBIT – 50 Daily Coins and 80-minute boosts
  • TREMORV2 – 50 daily coins and 60-minute boosts
  • ENLIGHTENMENT – 50 daily coins and 80-minute boosts

Expired codes

  • JoinLoyals!
  • LoyalsCode!

How to redeem One Fruit codes?

If you’ve never redeemed a code for One Fruit Simulator before, you must first head to YouTube and subscribe to @Theboss_Brandon. Make sure your subscriptions are set to public, then tap the menu button just above your HP and tap the codes button.

Next, you’ll need to find your YouTube channel ID and enter it into the top text box. You can find your channel ID by tapping your profile pic, selecting settings, and then clicking Advanced Settings. Copy your channel ID, paste it into the text box, and hit enter. The game will then verify your channel. Finally, just copy and paste One Fruit codes into the other text box and tap the redeem button.

About One Fruit

One Fruit is a Roblox game based on the popular anime One Piece. The experience allows you to become a cunning pirate. In this charming title, you will complete quests, obtain ships, sail the high seas, and more.

As the name suggests, fruit plays an important role in One Fruit. You’ll need fruit to enhance your character. You can buy fruit from a Fruit Dealer or discover some as you explore the game’s map. Eating fruit grants your avatar special abilities. However, you also become more vulnerable to water.

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