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If you’re looking to get time on your side, then look no further. My Hades RNG Time guide has you covered.

Hades RNG is like a free-to-play casino with no cash prizes. You have unlimited rolls at your disposal, and each has a chance to land you a rare Aura. You can then use these Auras in combat, or just show off their stunning visuals to your friends. There’s also a Time system in the game, with Day changing to Night and vice-versa. Read on for an explanation of its effects.

You can try your luck in Hades RNG on Roblox right now. For more on the game, check out our Hades RNG Auras guide and our Hades RNG Gwa Gwa guide.

Complete Hades RNG Time Guide

In this guide, I’ll break down the differences between the Day and Night Times in Hades RNG.


The default starting Time state, Day is characterised by blue skies and bright sunshine. There are only two Time states in the game at present, so there’s no smooth transition between Night and Day. One will simply switch to the other when it’s time.

At time of writing, there are no special applications for the Day Time, and it’s no different to Night mechanically. This will likely change soon, however, considering that previous RNG games such as Sols RNG have tied exclusive Auras to specific Times and Weather events. Expect some kind of sun-themed Aura in the near future!


After around 5 minutes, Day will turn to Night. Everything is much darker and duller during this Time, with pitch black skies looming down from above.

As with Day, there are currently no exclusive Auras or special effects tied to the Night Time. It’s unlikely that this will remain the case for song, and we’ll probably see a Night-exclusive Aura in the next few updates. Another direction the developers may go is to add stat buffs at different Times. It’s all speculation for now, but give this article a bookmark and check back regularly for the latest updates!

How Does Time Work?

Time passes naturally as you spend time in-game. After roughly 5 minutes of play, the time should switch from Day to Night, or vice-versa. There are currently no mechanics that interact with the Time system, or ways of extending a particular time for longer, but they may well be added in the future.