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Praying to the almighty Gwa Gwa for luck boosters? From the Gwa heavens above a little yellow star descends onto the map in random locations… This Hades RNG Pray guide tells you what the Pray item is, where to get it, and how useful it is.

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Hades RNG Pray

The Pray is a drop item found around the map of Hades RNG. You’re more likely to find drop items huddled around the map structures such as the Tower, Mountain, Outpost and Castle. Roughly 2 items will spawn within the radius of the drop locations every few minutes. The Pray can be identified by its yellow star shape.

Pray Spawn Locations

This section will aim to give you more specific directions on where each spawn location exactly is.

  • Within the Castle near the grid.
  • Next to the curved bridge beside the mountain
  • The outpost where the castle is connected
  • Inside the mountain
  • In front of the mountain
  • In front of the tower
  • Under the flat bridges which connect the outpost to the mountain

What Does The Pray Do?

When you’ve secured a Pray, it will be within your inventory. When used, the Pray generates a random amount of luck between 1 and 777 lasting for 1 minute. There is no current way to persuade the luck to be more in your favour, so use it at your discretion. You can use multiple Prays at the same time, however, this comes with Pros and Cons. The timer will extend for your luck, but at the cost of each new Pray overriding the luck of the previous one regardless if it is higher or lower.