16th-century zombie action RPG Kingdom: The Blood is now open for pre-registration on mobile

Team up with friends and battle hordes of zombies using traditional swords.

  • You can now pre-register for Kingdom: The Blood on mobile.
  • The final test is going on now through February 12th.
  • The game is based on Netflix’s hit series The Kingdom.

YJM Games is announcing that you can now pre-register for its upcoming mobile and PC game Kingdom: The Blood. The game is available for pre-registration via the App Store, Google Play, One Store and Galaxy Store. You can also add the game to your Steam Wishlist.

Kingdom: The Blood is an action RPG based on the hit Netflix series, Kingdom. You’ll partake in intense battles against zombies. Take down hordes of zombies and challenging bosses as you hone your skills. Kingdom: The Blood promises to let you create strategic action sequences by combining various skills.

A PvP title, Kingdom: The Blood allows you to fight alongside or against other players as you explore a beautifully rendered 16th-century Korea. In addition to opening the game for pre-registration, there is also a demo test of the game for Google Play and Steam going on now through February 12th. You can download the game now on either platform to join the test.

This will be the final test before the game’s official release. Game creators YJM Games and Action Square will use feedback gathered during this final test to improve the game before its official release. The devs have already used feedback from previous tests to improve the gameplay experience. The developers aim to offer the ultimate cross-platform UI and UX for both PC and mobile players.

The game’s developer has also released new videos on the new Kingdom: The Blood brand page. These new videos show off the game’s dynamic close-quarters combat. You’ll see characters wielding traditional swords as they mow down waves of zombies.

To learn more about Kingdom: The Blood and to keep up with all the latest news, check out the game’s official website. Also, be sure to follow Kingdom: The Blood on Facebook, X (Twitter), and Instagram to hear about the game’s latest updates.

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