December 10, 2023
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While the triple-A games industry still very much cares about bigger games that last hundreds of hours, it’s also warming up to the idea of shorter experiences. Whether they’re standalone follow-ups expanding on established titles or just small but dense titles, there are several franchises out there which could do with the same treatment. Let’s look at 15 of them here.

Deus Ex

It may sound counter-intuitive considering the scope of Mankind Divided and Human Revolution, but Deus Ex has always thrived on the number of choices it gives players. The different play styles, dialogues and approaches would fit well within the context of a tighter narrative and maybe encourage multiple playthroughs. As for what kind of story it would tell, given all the factions, conspiracies and whatnot, and whether it should feature Adam Jensen or a brand new character remains to be seen.

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