12 Amazon Finds For A Harry Potter Themed Gaming Room

For any Harry Potter fan, dreaming of a Hogwarts letter that will never come is practically a rite of passage. But as young bookworms (or movie buffs) grow up, the pining for fictional places slowly fades away, leaving in its place a determination to bring some of the make-believe to reality. That’s why for fans of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or any other sprawling universe, coinciding markets of copycat decor and gaming accessories exist here in the real world. Fans can dress up as Harry Potter for Halloween, make butter beer in their kitchens, or play over a dozen Harry Potter-themed video games.

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Unfortunately, wizard wannabes will never board a train to Hogwarts castle, or wreak havoc in Madam Hooch’s broom lesson class. But fans can do their best to keep the Harry Potter magic of their youth alive — even in a muggle household. This collection of products highlights the best Amazon finds for a Harry Potter-themed gaming room. From functional to fanciful, there’s a Harry Potter-inspired gaming room accessory for every fan out there.

From Meh to Magical, Thanks to These Harry Potter-Themed Accessories from Amazon

Hopefully, with the addition of a few of these accessories, gaming battle stations can feel a bit more Hogwarts-ready. When curating the items in this collection, a balance was kept between items that subtly place the player in Hogwarts — like the hanging candles or the platform light — and items that more boldly announce a Harry Potter obsession, like the mousepad or gaming chair. Some Harry Potter gaming rooms may be decorated with only the former, some entirely the latter, but most are a unique mix of both.

The Top 3 Harry Potter-Themed Accessories

Best Budget Harry Potter Game Room Accessory

Room of Requirement Wooden Sign

Door signs may be a relic of the past for many fans, but for gamers with kids, they can be essential to prevent tantrums or set boundaries. For players with a dedicated game room, this Room of Requirement sign is a cute little addition that can gently remind children that they probably shouldn’t be going into a room filled with expensive electronics.

For those without kids, the sign is simply a nice touch for a Harry Potter fan’s space. The small size makes it work on both doors and desk hutches, meaning it can fit in well alongside desktop tchotchkes and spark conversation with other fans. The super affordable price falls below $15, adding to the allure of the sign as a small gift to just about anyone who loves Harry Potter. Made with real wood and including twine for effortless hanging, this carved sign is the perfect budget accessory for Harry Potter fans of any age.

Best Premium Harry Potter Game Room Accessory

Harry Potter LEGO Hogwarts Castle & Grounds

Although the original Hogwarts LEGO set is sadly unavailable, LEGO has released other versions of the magic school, with this one being the most recent. Priced at around $170, it’s far from LEGO’s most expensive sets, with many fans considering this price to be very reasonable compared to other lucrative sets like the Dune Ornithopter ship.

It’s not as detailed as the more expensive previous versions were, but there’s still a ton to look at. From the crystal clear water base to the arriving ship set in the front, this massive LEGO set manages to capture the magic of Hogwarts. Built with 2,660 pieces, fans of LEGO and Harry Potter can’t go wrong with this premium Hogwarts diorama.

Editor’s Choice Harry Potter Game Room Accessory

The Harry Potter Remote Control Wand

By now, most fans of Harry Potter have heard of this device: the Harry Potter remote control wand. It’s just as cool as it sounds! This is an absolute must-have device for fans of Harry Potter, especially now that most homes have a ton of smart devices in every room. The wand does need an IR sensor for the controls to be picked up, but most TVs still have this, and buying one for newer models is extremely affordable and easy to install.

The coolest thing about the wand is that it’s not just a stick with buttons. It actually tracks movement. There are nine different movements that can be programmed on the wand, including clockwise and counter-clockwise twisting and, of course, a big swish. The instructions are easy to follow, and most users don’t have a problem with the wand once they get used to the unique movements. Plus, this highly-detailed wand is available for less than $100, which is in line with most other smart device controllers.


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